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The Best of 2023 Design Exhibition Highlights

by creativehomex

The year 2023 has brought with it a spectacular lineup of international design exhibitions that promise to redefine the way we think about home decor, smart living, and lifestyle. From the bustling city of Guangzhou to the design capitals of Milan, and the eclectic vibes of Bangkok, these recent exhibitions are set to inspire and innovate. Check them out here:

CIFF Shanghai 2023 Highlights: A Showcase of Design Brilliance…Check Out Iko In’s Video For More

Shine Bright in Hong Kong This October! Don’t Miss the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) from October 27 to 30, 2023

Furniture China 2023 & Maison Shanghai 2023: Exploring the Future of Furniture

Tokyo Gendai 2023: Where Cultures Converge through Contemporary Art

Design Shanghai’s 10th Anniversary: Where East and West Design Inspirations Converge

New Concepts, New Momentum: IMM Cologne Returns

ICFF 2023 Showcases the Best in Contemporary Furniture Design in New York

Revolutions in Design: The Standout Brand Trends of Salone del Mobile 2023

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023: S is for a Successful Salone! Check Out the Photo Tour

MIFF 2023 Sets New Sales Record of US$1.21 Billion, Signaling Strong Post-Pandemic Recovery!

Iko In Recaps: Bangkok Design Week 2023

Iko In Recaps HOMI! Sustainability and Creativity Take Centrestage at the HOMI 2023 Expo in Milan
InnoEX 2023: Promoting Hong Kong’s Innovation and Technology Development

Design Shenzhen 2023: A Fusion of Local and International Talent

Euroluce 2023: Realising The Future of Lighting

MIFF 2023: Rising Interest Leads to Surge in Exhibitors and Registered Buyers

【展覽直擊】2023 中國(廣州)建博會:中國家裝新潮流!一體化高定家居設計塑造個性化生活空間 | CBD Fair 2023

【展覽直擊】2023 中國(廣州)建博會:解鎖未來智能家居新提案!奢華水晶、黃金打造頂級開關面板與智能家居系列新品 | CBD Fair 2023

【展覽直擊】2023 米蘭設計週:朝聖 12 個遍佈義大利米蘭街區的創意會外展,未來家居未來可期! | Fuorisalone 2023

【展覽直擊】2023 米蘭設計週:漫游米蘭市内街區,盤點 5 大時裝奢侈精品 Hermès、Fendi、Louis Vuitton、Giorgio Armani、D&G 全新家具新作 | Milan Design Week 2023

【展覽直擊】2023 米蘭國際家具展:洞察 6 大設計趨勢!看懂義大利各大品牌的新品系列 | Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023

【展覽直擊】HOMI 米蘭家居消費品展(春季):從居家日常小物開啟永續綠生活!| HOMI 2023 Jan Edition

【展覽直擊】2023 曼谷設計週:穿梭古早巷弄探尋設計,塑造未來美好城市氛圍! | Bangkok Design Week 2023

【展覽直擊】2023 東京國際禮品展(春季):13 個最值得關注的特色新品!生活要有儀式感 | Tokyo International Gift Show 2023

【展覽直擊】2023 中國廣州家博會:主題特展超吸睛!帶你感受中國頂尖設計熱潮 | CIFF Guangzhou 2023

【展覽直擊】2023 香港燈飾展(春季):許你一盞明燈點亮智慧生活,照亮光明未來!| Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2023

【展覽直擊】2023 Euroluce 米蘭國際照明雙年展:盤點 21 款我們最愛的手工製燈具!| Euroluce 2023

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