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Revolutions in Design: The Standout Brand Trends of Salone del Mobile 2023

by creativehomex

The Salone del Mobile, renowned globally as the Milan Furniture Fair, is a highly acclaimed event that serves as a pinnacle of the design and furnishings industry. Hosted annually in Milan, Italy, the fair unveils the latest advancements in furniture, lighting, and home accessories from some of the most prominent brands in the field. This year’s iteration was no exception, boasting several key brand highlights that captivated the attention of attendees and design enthusiasts alike. From daring new collections to inventive product designs, Salone del Mobile 2023 offered a glimpse into the cutting-edge trends that are shaping the future of design.

Circular Atelier by Slalom partition and acoustic systems presented visitors with an immersive booth to discover and explore the brand’s latest offerings. The booth has been designed to provide a vibrant experience that takes visitors on a journey through a spectrum of colours. Various wall and ceiling products were showcased in different hues, inviting visitors to touch and feel them while discovering their preferred mood and colour palette. The booth also featured a series of curved and corner walls that follow one another, creating a textured sequence where the Slalom’s best-selling products are the stars of the show.

The beauty of Kartell’s creations lies in their simplicity, yet they have the ability to transform any space into a work of art. Aptly named “My Kartell,” their stand at Salone del Mobile captured the core of a lifestyle dedicated to innovation and newness. Every detail, every curve, and every material was carefully selected to showcase the beauty of the brand’s products. In essence, “My Kartell” is an invitation to discover a way of life that celebrates innovation, quality, and beauty. It’s not just a brand; it’s a philosophy that permeates everything they do.

Atlas Concorde
Atlas Concorde doubled its presence at Milano Design Week with a modern, essential project that was divided between the exhibition space inside the Salone del Mobile.Milano and its flagship store in Brera. The key players in the project were all members of the brand’s family: Atlas Concorde, the brand for indoor and outdoor ceramic surfaces; Atlas Plan, specialized in large slabs for furnishing elements; and Atlas Concorde Habitat, dedicated to bathroom furnishings. Additionally, the brand presented #FUORISCALA, a collection of expanding design compositions in the form of large-sized porcelain tiles created as a ‘site-specific’ installation realised by Atlas Concorde in collaboration with Lissoni & Partners.

TON’s 822 and 811 collections have been expanded by Claesson Koivisto Rune and the P.O.V. product family by the German duo KASCHKASCH. These new items were TON’s main theme for this year’s Salone del Mobile. Sustainability was also one of the main ideas underlying the creation of this collection, which is why it is composed of modules that can be de-assembled and re-used. The Austrian visual communications studio Bueronardin was responsible for the graphic work. Select TON products, such as the P.O.V. tables, the Again bar stool and the Merano chair by Alexander Gufler, were also on display in Milan’s city centre, at Via Tortona 31, as well as at the trade fair.

Walter Knoll
Walter Knoll made a grand entrance into Milan Design Week by setting up a dazzling temporary showroom in the trendy Brera Design District. With a splendid showcase of creativity and innovation, the showroom provided a closer look at three exquisite new products masterfully crafted by the design genius, EOOS, exclusively for Walter Knoll. These products included Maaru – a soft and light sofa with a rounded silhouette; Ison – a new interpretation of the classic corner bench; and Temno – an expressive table that fused architecture and sculpture.

Lema’s 2023 collection finds its perfect stage at the Salone del Mobile.Milano to express the idea of conviviality dedicated to the encounter between relaxed and welcoming spaces. Collections included the VentiTre cabin, SOFFIO, AYRA, NIVEAUX, LINA, and many more. The attention to production and disposal processes, the choice of materials and the constant experimentation on the choice of colours, finishes and above all their combinations, give life to eco-sustainable furnishings that are design-led.

The Salone del Mobile di Milano provided Glas Italia with a perfect platform to exhibit its tireless research and innovative work on the artistic possibilities of glass. They broke away from traditional glass aesthetics and showcased the material’s versatility. Patricia Urquiola’s works were exemplary, utilising cast glass in different shades to create optical illusions and perspectives, while Nendo used various materials to create containers that give the impression of wood floating on water. Their booth at the Salone 2023, spanning over 400 square metres, displayed these novelties, along with new designs by renowned designers such as Jean Nouvel, Piero Lissoni, and Yabu Pushelberg, all showcased elegantly within the stunning Aladin and Sherazade door and partition systems designed by Piero Lissoni, exhibiting their full range of design and aesthetic possibilities.

PLANK recently showcased its latest collection at Salone del Mobile, presenting a distinctive concept that goes beyond the ordinary. Among the highlights of the exhibit was the RANDEVU table, a stunning piece designed by Biagio Cisotti and Sandra Laube. In addition to the RANDEVU table, PLANK presented a selection of its most iconic products designed by some of the most renowned designers in the industry. These included Konstantin Grcic, Naoto Fukasawa, and Björn Dahlström, all of whom have collaborated with PLANK to create distinctive and innovative pieces that combine form and function in exciting new ways.

At this year’s Salone del Mobile, BONALDO presented a sophisticated exhibit infused with its signature pieces and iconic style. BONALDO’s latest designs bring together a harmony of clean lines, bold shapes, and unexpected colour combinations, embodying a sense of elegance to match contemporary homes.

DRAENERT showcased its latest collection of furniture and accessories, featuring a range of elegant and functional pieces that seamlessly blend form and function. Visitors were treated to a diverse selection of products, from dining tables and chairs to sofas, sideboards, and lighting fixtures, all designed with the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. One of the hallmarks of DRAENERT’s design philosophy is its commitment to using only the finest materials and techniques in the production of its products.

With its nature-inspired stand, FLOU’s participation in this year Salone del Mobile further illustrated the brand’s commitment to producing innovative and high-quality furniture, as well as its dedication to staying at the forefront of the design industry. Their latest collection include an intriguing collection of beds, sofas, armchairs, and other furniture items that are characterised by pure contemporary language and attention to detail.

At their Salone stand, Pedrali showcased their latest collections that were developed through extensive research and collaborations with both Italian and international designers. Spanning over 900 sqm, the exhibition booth titled #PedraliBacktoNature was designed in partnership with Milan-based DWA Design Studio. The exhibition design pays homage to the company’s roots in outdoor furniture and its progression towards indoor products. The set-up seamlessly integrates the interior and exterior spaces, creating a cohesive and fluid experience for visitors.

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