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Palatial Living: Majestic Marble and Gilded Accents Exuding a Golden Sheen

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This home features an abundance of marble combined with white, cream, and wood. The ensemble is bathed in both natural light and concealed sources of artificial light that accentuate the majesty of marble.

The front wall of the living space features a television display mounted over a stately wood veneer. The designer,Beata Home and Office Furniture, used gold-coloured metallic trim to separate the horizontal grain of the wood from the mirrors on either side. The vertically-oriented mirrors and horizontal grain of the wood veneer work in tandem to create a illusion that visually widens the room.

The entryway into the living area is demarcated by majestic black marble. The Spanish Nero Marquina marble forms the posts of a feature that is part hallway mirror and part display case. The full-length mirrors on both sides of this feature are punctuated by a hole in the middle, serving as a see-through niche.

The floor features a regal combination of marble and stone. The marble’s smoky blend of white and grey is contained within a two-tiered border: a darker grey strip of speckled granite and a narrow pebble wash strip, creating the impression of a large carpet.

The standing-height accent table and coffee table in the living space are composed of a white marble with grey veins. Accompanying the marble tables are matching sets of modern, cream-coloured leather couches and armchairs.

Majestic Masonry: Marble is used extensively throughout this home – the floor of the living area, the accents of the display shelves, and the various tables are all composed of various shades of marble.

Separating the living and dining spaces is a modern, full-height bookcase with the post, base, and crown composed of Spanish black marble. The sections of the shelves above the picture rail and below the chair rail are paneled in mirrors.

Ornate ceiling fans of modern design, each with nine blades hang from the ceilings of both the living and dining areas. See-through niches are used to showcase the residents’ collection of contemporary and classically-inspired candelabra.

Grand Dining: The stone dining table is patterned with a streaked blend of tan with brown and can fit up to ten people seated in the upholstered dining chairs.

See-through niches with wood veneer separate the kitchen from the dining area. The stark white wet-kitchen is obscured from the view of diners by a wall.

Cooking in Splendor: The use of stone in this home extends to the countertops and the irregularly-shaped table in the kitchen.

Chambers of Character: The other bedrooms of this home feature the straight lines of modern furnishings personalised in the preferred colours of the occupants.

The bedroom with the smaller bed presents the unique feature of recessed blue lights.

Soothing Bedstead: This bedroom uses the same wood veneer and concealed curtain rails found elsewhere in the home.

The headboard wall of the bed is complete with a convenient and brightly lit niche.

Refined Sanctuary: Warm, yellow light cast from recessed sources reflect off the wood floor of the master bedroom.

The en-suite bathroom features a pair of sinks set in front of a stone veneer and a shower alcove.

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