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Luxurious Haven of Class and Comfort: Gusto Design & Build

by creativehomex

With its modern opulent theme, this exquisite home in Bukit Damansara expresses a well-composed layout and design concept. Polished marble floors form the foundation while modern lighting dots the interior, cultivating an urban-haven ambience. The overall theme of merging earthy tones with a classic marble appeal generates a spacious and luxurious vibe.

In the living room, a cascade of light and dark colours creates a confluence of sophistication— a space suitable for all occasions, from casual to formal. A small multi-purpose lounge adjacent to the living room balances the ambience with a quirky and endearing tone.

The kitchen juxtaposes the design theme by adopting a natural palette and effortlessly utilising natural and custom-made lighting. Amid the neutral palette, the curved island takes the spotlight in the kitchen, lending a unique aesthetic to the entire space while keeping to the elegant stylistic approach.

The dining area further reinforces the idea of elegance by featuring a marble table with upholstered chairs. A modern, minimalistic chandelier hangs above, inducing a warm atmosphere. Finishes on the curved kitchen island and walls give a subtle nod to a more contemporary decorating style.

Upstairs, polished finishes give way to warm, dark wood flooring, creating a more relaxed and tranquil feel. Here, bedrooms resemble modern chic hotel suites that come with their own walk-in wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms. An interplay of light and dark elements infuses a cosy yet exquisite ambience in the bedrooms, creating a perfect balance of luxury and cosy comfort.

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