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Luminous Elevations: How to Choose Lighting for Double-Height Living Rooms

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The volume of air that comes with double-height ceilings typically calls for the use of impressive lighting fixtures that do more than just provide illumination – they inevitably become one of the focal points of attraction in living spaces. We combed through some delectable mansions, bungalows, duplexes, and penthouses to put this guide together and help you pick out the ideal chandelier (or other lighting fixture) to suit the extra-high ceiling of your décor.

Classical Chandeliers
Equally appropriate in classical interiors as for lending an eccentric streak to modern settings, the many variations of glass or crystalline, and shaded or bare chandeliers are a requisite feature for anyone wanting a dependable style choice that can add a layer of elegance to a wide range of interiors.

A classically inspired chandelier is a safe option to lend an aura of elegance to transitional or eclectic décors. Designer: The Roof

Curved Chandeliers
A more common type of modern chandelier spotted in transitional and minimalist settings, the curved surfaces make for lower profile fixtures that do not intrude into the airspace. By virtue of their curved profiles and small size, many identical pieces can be hung together in staggered lines to depict heavenly bodies.

Occupying less space than a conventional chandelier, the relatively small size of these metallic orbs enables the arrangement of multiple pieces in an array. Designer: Turn Design Interior

Large-Scale Floor Lamps
Take advantage of the abundance in ceiling space by incorporating an extra tall, floor-mounted lighting fixture. An imposing floor lamp represents an alternative focal point on an unanticipated plane and helps to preserve the volume of air provided by the high ceiling.

The abundance of airspace in double-height spaces invites the use of over-sized floor mounted lighting fixtures. Designer: Turn Design Interior

Wall-Mounted Lights
Maximize the conservation of airspace in your living room with low-profile lights mounted to walls. This arrangement can be used to highlight decorative walls higher up in the void while providing adequate task lighting and without hampering the intimate mood.

Instead of an intrusive lighting fixture hanging in mid-air, this space presents discrete wall-mounted lights to produce an intimate atmosphere. Designer: IDS Interior

Slim Spotlights
If the dim illumination provided by wall-mounted lights is inadequate, or if you just want to highlight decorative furnishings nearer to the floor, consider using simple down-lights to obscure ceiling features in favour of highlighting furnishings on the ground.

Pursuing a recording studio motif, this living room features utilitarian and low-profile down-lights to retain the sense of volume in this space. Designer: Motto Designs

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