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Embracing Light and Air: Johor’s 8000 Sqft Luminous Green Retreat Villa | S/LAB 10

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With gentle morning light and a soft breeze, the open aluminum blinds quietly invite the play of light and shadow into the living space. The azure sky adorned with floating clouds harmoniously blends with the verdant greenery that embraces this sprawling 8,000 sqft pool villa.

This picturesque and serene natural scene, beyond imagination, comes to life in everyday living, thanks to the skilled hands of architect Hao Wang, founder of architecture design firm S/LAB 10. The villa embodies a tranquil and leisurely vacation atmosphere, fulfilling the homeowner’s and their family’s aspirations for an ideal home.

Located in Johor, Malaysia, showcases a serene and picturesque view of swaying trees and a pond reflecting bridges. Architect Hao Wang, through meticulous observation of the local environment, combined with his professional design expertise and creative abilities, has sculpted the architectural façade with a minimalist white rectangular form. The façade incorporates aluminum blinds with a wood grain texture, adding a dynamic three-dimensional visual effect to the exterior. This allows for the control of natural light and ventilation, bringing in a sense of openness and clarity to the interior space, where the gentle breeze and sunlight freely roam. The result is a clean and transparent living environment that embraces the beauty of nature.

“By allowing different light and sunlight to enter at different times, we have the choice to let it pour in or block it out, offering a diverse range of lighting options. From the outside, it presents a diverse and ever-changing appearance, never appearing the same.”——Hao Wang.

Each aluminum blind, standing at a height of 6.5 meters, can be manually adjusted to an open angle of 45° or 90°, or kept closed to maintain privacy, depending on the current weather conditions and spatial requirements. This flexibility allows for both the enjoyment of natural light and the fulfillment of privacy needs, explained architect Hao Wang.

“The outdoor area resembles a secluded and peaceful resort, while the interior embodies the complete functionality of a beach club,” said the architect.

Facing the pool, a set of sofas, coffee tables, and lounge chairs are arranged, while a central island with a bar counter is placed according to the homeowners’ needs. There is a designated area to savor delicious food and drinks, truly creating a leisurely and carefree living atmosphere.

Moving towards the front entrance, the design team has intentionally incorporated green plants to create a sense of privacy and seclusion. These plants act as a natural barrier, blocking the view from the outside and providing a relaxing and natural element. From the exterior, the architecture showcases clean and precise lines, with a visually striking design element. To add a visual highlight, a roof structure in an oval shape was added above the central courtyard, adding a touch of visual surprise with the combination of square and circular elements.

The concept for the central courtyard space in this project draws inspiration from traditional Chinese courtyard houses, known as “siheyuan.” However, a more open and transparent design approach was adopted to create a seamless connection between the outdoors and indoors, resulting in a more expansive and versatile activity space that brings people closer to nature.

“The oval-shaped roof is one of the highlights specially designed for this project,” the architect explained.

This design feature serves multiple purposes—it prevents direct sunlight from entering the interior spaces while allowing the play of natural light and shadows on the ground, offering a delightful visual experience that changes with the sun’s movement.

Moving to the dining area, a light gray stone texture is used on the central island, matching the gray wall storage cabinet. Irregular-shaped windows are carved into the wall, allowing bright natural light to enter. Bathed in soft light while preparing meals in the morning, it creates a gentle and elegant ambiance in the space. Additionally, circular wooden art installations decorate the walls, accentuating the visual focal point with a serene and constant sea blue color, forming a rustic and serene scene.

“Taking into consideration two active teenagers, the climbing wall serves as their activity space.”——Hao Wang.

In front of the dining table, a climbing wall is installed along the wall.  Following a series of wooden bars, they can climb up to another gathering area, allowing the children to embrace their playful nature. Additionally, a few pots of variegated golden pothos are planted below, and with the climbing ability of the vine plant, it can eventually transform into a green living wall. Spending time with family here feels like dining in a vertical garden, adding a delightful and interesting touch to the days.

The kitchen is adorned with a refreshing sage green color complemented by vibrant orange, creating a harmonious contrast with the calm tones of the dining area. The gentle touch of the curved arc softens the sharpness of right angles, adding a finishing touch that leaves a lasting impression.

“The curved edge at the bottom of the island is designed to create a floating sensation, evoking a sense of lightness and subtle imbalance.”

Stepping into the living room, the floor is adorned with a light gray terrazzo base with hints of white, creating a textured surface that beautifully reflects the sunlight streaming through the windows. The combination of delicate pastel-toned furniture and wooden accents on the walls creates a warm and comfortable ambiance, perfect for gatherings with family and friends, where conversations flow naturally. This scene portrays a subtle yet profound sense of camaraderie, as the soft spoken words convey deep bonds of affection.

Ascending the stairs, the living space exudes a simple and rustic ambiance with a wooden touch. On one side, there is a slanted bookshelf and an open display shelf, seamlessly integrating with the architectural language. Casual arrangements of fabric sofas, work desks, and bean bags create a relaxed atmosphere.

“Each person here has their own space, yet we are all within the same area. I believe seamless interaction is crucial for a family.”

With a focus on interactivity and openness, the design allows family members to work, read, play, and relax in any corner. The subtle sound of laptop keys, flipping book pages, and various other sounds flow freely within this space, creating a strong sense of each other’s presence and fostering a deep emotional bond that contributes to the happiness of the family.

With no superfluous or pretentious decorations, the space authentically reflects its essence. The concept of borrowing distant views is achieved solely by opening the aluminum blinds, allowing the outdoor green scenery to flow into the interior and blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Leaning against the railing, one can gaze into the distance and be captivated by the unique and enchanting scenery before them, creating a sense of awe and wonder.

Entering the master bathroom, the use of luxurious stone becomes a prominent feature in the space. With its high translucency, the stone texture effortlessly captures one’s attention. The incorporation of a titanium metal ceiling enhances the sense of space, while skillfully integrating metallic elements adds depth to the overall ambiance. The bathroom exudes an air of prestige and elegance in its meticulous details, making every bathing experience truly enjoyable.

Overall, this villa truly exemplifies the concept of a vacation retreat, where residents can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and enjoy a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle.

| This project was designed by S/LAB 10.

Article by: Lee Khe Ying

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