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Material Magnifique: Nu Infinity

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Luxurious materials take centrestage in this glamourous house, creating a sense of warm elegance that resonates with the earthy palette comprising light and dark tones.


In this home, Nu Infinity was given ample opportunity to try out new ideas and a range of different materials, resulting in a unique dwelling that celebrates space, form and light. “The brief was to transform the new home into a space of conversation,” says Nu Infinity’s design team, “The client was opened to the exploration of non-conventional material. Given the luxury of space, we also had to take into account the proportions of the new design elements to respect the original house design.”

The designer’s meticulous use of materials begins in the main living spaces. In the living room, a harmony of neutral-toned marble surfaces, wood detailing and polished finishes highlight the space. A brown L-shaped sofa accompanied by a dark-coloured coffee table and TV cabinet which matches the vertical dark wood strips on the TV wall completes the look. To offset the dark wood strips, a light marble slab is affixed to the TV wall, creating a sense of proportion and visual ease in this space.

In the same open living space, the dining room is positioned right between the living room and the dry kitchen. To demarcate the space, the designers employed the use of an elegant ceiling feature crafted from warm brown timber that stretches all the way towards the sitting area next to the dining table. “The ceiling feature accentuates the grandeur of the dining room and blurs the lines between inside and outside, making the dining area more spacious than it really is,” the designers share.

Next to the dining, the monotone kitchen stands out with its black cabinets and sleek white countertops. Towards the side, the kitchen receives natural light from the window which enhances the appeal of the glossy materials used in this space. The same natural light effect is observed at the walkway leading towards the wet kitchen where sliding doors open out to the views outside. “The natural light coming through from one side of the building inspired us to utilize high gloss material to bring more light into the inner part of the house,” the designers say. This approach is further applied to the sitting area. The tailor-made louvred door can be opened entirely to create a semi-outdoor patio, or closed to give the owners the option of an indoor space for entertaining guests.

For the ground floor bedroom, the space is beautifully done up to reflect the key concept of the home. The large windows are framed by wood to create a picturesque effect of the views outside, while marble flooring lends a bespoke atmosphere to the room. “Strong colours are used for the bedroom to exude a stronger and separate atmosphere,” says the designers. “Here, to garner attention and promote conversation, we replaced the entire floor with uniquely selected grey marble that comes with specks of gold.”

As for the master bedroom, the space reflects the play of materials seen in the main living spaces – for instance the polished black feature wall adorned with yellow lines and mirror surfaces.

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Featured in iD iNdesign Bumper 2019 vol. 14

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