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Kitchen Masterpieces: Berloni’s B50 and BRERA Kitchens are Set to Take Modern Kitchens to the Next Level

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Beautiful yet different in their own unique ways, Berloni’s latest kitchen models, the B50 and BRERA designed by Studio Telemaco feature all the hallmarks of the Italian kitchen brand. In these models, contemporary minimalism and the concept of “kitchen without handles” take the lead, offering design aficionados a look at what the future of kitchens would be.


Inspired by the 50th anniversary celebration of Berloni’s foundation, B50 offers innovative and accomplishments that have become part of Berloni’s trademark over the decades, including the brand’s “container” model and minimalist “kitchen without handles” concept.

Hollow and flat hand grips are utilised to manoeuvre around this kitchen’s sleek 22-milimetre cabinet doors. These hand grips feature a chrome finish, and consumers with different tastes can also opt for a lacquered and veneered finishing. For its lower basket area, an exception to the “no handles” theme is available: you may attach a small handle to this area should you wish to do so.

This kitchen’s side panels, ceilings, bottoms and shelves are constructed with 18-milimetre water-repellent P3 (V100), a variant of wooden melamine particles. Set in a melamine white hue, it comprises a minimal content of formaldehyde and abides by the international environmental constraints set by the FSC. The front aspects of its structures utilise polyurethane glue and one-millimetre ABS edges.

Embellished with various updates for the modern era, the influence of Berloni’s sleek design heritage is still prominently evident in every space – providing the brand’s enthusiasts with a modern classic to cherish.


If you prefer a touch of chirpy wood-based elegance to your sophisticated kitchen, the BRERA could be the model for you. It draws its inspiration from the artistic beauty and sunny disposition of youthful lifestyles.

These kitchens feature a contemporary style with mono-lacquered and ennobled doors in wood finishing. It also offers a refreshing alternative to the B50’s design combination of melamine and mono-lacquered influences.


One of this model’s prominent characteristics is its 22-milimetre cabinet doors, which allow for easy handling, even without incorporating handles or hand grips into its design. Its panels, ceilings, bottoms and shelves are crafted with the same materials as the B50, which are the 18-milimetre water-repellent P3 (V100) wooden melamine particles.

The front aspects of its structures also feature polyurethane glue and one-milimetre ABS edges. For this model’s overlapping side panels, customers can also select wooden melamine doors with a lacquered, glossy infill sheet for the door colours.

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