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Top 8 Kitchen Countertop Styles for Malaysian Homes

by creativehomex

Whether you have a large wet kitchen or a small open kitchen that merges with your dining room, countertops are an essential part of your cookspace. As they play a significant role in the kitchen’s practical function and aesthetics, it is crucial to invest in quality worktop surfaces that are stain-resistant, durable and keep surfaces free from bacteria.

Countertops also define the style and ambience of your kitchen. Hence, you should also choose surfaces that are stylish and have a distinctive aesthetic to match the kitchen design concept you are going for. In this article, we compiled eight surface collections from Silestone® with specific palette themes to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Classic and Natural Palette
For those who prefer an understated yet luxurious look, classic and neutral tones are ideal as they offer a versatile backdrop for kitchen designs. Cosentino Group recently introduced a series of colour choices that leans towards classic and natural look for its Silestone® surfaces. Stylishly laid-back yet avant-garde at the same time, these new colour options offer great beauty, deep, powerful backgrounds, and impressive veining that provide movement and continuity.

1. Silestone® Polaris
Launched as part of a new colour series for Silestone® Artika, the Polaris collection is bright and eye-catching with a grey appearance and a cool and icy effect. Its unique beauty comes from the play of white veins against its darker background, which is perfect to create an ultra-contemporary kitchen theme. Polaris also include shades that are inspired by materials such as onyx and quartzite, which infuses an exceptional quality to its surface.

2. Silestone® Et. Noir, Et. D’Or and Et. Bella
Best known for its exquisite marble look the Silestone® Eternal series added three new editions for its 2020 collection: Et. Noir, Et. D’Or and Et. Bella. These three combine the charm of marble with a sophisticated appeal, each distinguishable by its different tone and veining.

Et. Noir provides an asymmetrical design and a black finish. It also features dramatic veining, highlighted by an interplay of white and orange tones to inspire interior design choices based on dark colours.

Et. D’Or tones down to offer a classic and timeless white palette with soft, golden tones of its veining that is ideal to complement the most welcoming and elegant of spaces and projects.

For Et. Bella, the greyish tone of its veining against a cool background injects a contemporary vibe to classic design – perfect for avant-garde interior architectural spaces and works.

3. Silestone® Miami Vena
A must-have for interior designers, Miami Vena is part of the Silestone® Nebula series. It is inspired by the nebulae of the universe and provides new effects of movement and depth. Miami Vena features a white base, subtle veining and a classic design which makes it a versatile surface to work with.

Unique Industrial-inspired Themes
If you want a bolder look for the kitchen, Silestone® Loft offers a series of five colours inspired by iconic neighbourhoods around the world with a distinctive history and industrial aesthetic. The origin of the industrial style dates back to the mid-20th century where abandoned factories, large workshops and warehouses in several New York neighbourhoods were turned into open-plan housing, or what became known as loft apartments.


4. Silestone® Camden
Silestone® Camden reflects one of London’s most influential alternative neighbourhood which brings up images of noodles, 80s punk, exotic languages, eclectic dresses, and homes of artists. Posters and ephemeral works of art are part of Camden’s history and decorate its exposed brick façades. A soft, delicate and consistent grey, with a fine grain and a very subtle white veining. Silestone® Camden is a versatile, adaptable colour, easy to incorporate with any decor theme, thanks to its homogeneity.

5. Silestone® Nolita
Nolita or North of Little Italy is a unique avant-garde neighbourhood in New York that inspired Silestone® Nolita. In the mid-90s, Nolita found its personality and architectural identity through its wild yet authentic streets. While Nolita is cold and industrial, it combines shades of whites and light greys, to create an elegant, fine line, free of strong contrasts. It is meant for kitchen spaces that intend to be sophisticated and edgy at the same time.

6. Silestone® Corktown
A Detroit neighbourhood, which grew up amidst steam, pistons, and the sound of engines, Corktown has incredible charisma and style. These characteristics inspired Silestone® Corktown, the most intense, solid, and deep black surface of the Silestone® Loft collection. Its dark background blends beautifully with intense browns and an extra matte finish. This series is highly recommended for kitchen designs that need a touch of rustic authenticity.

7. Silestone® Poblenou
One of today’s most modern and creative neighbourhoods, Poblenou in Barcelona has a distinct Mediterranean warmth, brushed with strong industrial nuances. Throughout this town, old industrial buildings become fabulous loft spaces surrounded by art galleries, bars and businesses. Silestone® Poblenou takes cue from these attributes, resulting in a surface featuring a warm, shade of grey with very subtle veining surface and a sandy background. If you need a dose of brightness amid strong industrial tones, this series offers a comforting texture and familiar ambience.

8. Silestone® Seaport

Silestone® Seaport reminiscence the quaint seaside district in southeastern Manhattan, where docks, restaurants and shops celebrate the past and the present. In this collection, Seaport brings the colours and atmosphere of exposed bricks, worn concrete and rustic wood together to form a chromatic range against striking white shades. It’s breathtakingly modest and would work great in bright, airy kitchen spaces that have plenty of natural light.

Silestone® HybriQ+: A Step Forward Towards Eco-conscious Design
One of the significant new features of Silestone® Loft is the use, for the first time, of the innovative and exclusive HybriQ+ technology. HybriQ+ is a new production process characterised by the company’s commitment to the environment, the circular economy and sustainable management. Thanks to this innovative process, reused raw materials, such as recycled glass, are used in the manufacture of Silestone® Loft. In addition to this, Cosentino’s production process is carried out by employing 98% recycled water and 100% renewable energy.


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