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5 Best Laminate Brands for Kitchen Cabinets in Malaysia

by creativehomex

Cabinets are defining elements in the kitchen. Whether you are going for classic or contemporary, it is worthwhile to take your time to choose kitchen cabinets that fit your style and concept, meet your budget, and last for a long time.

Material type is one of the key features of kitchen cabinets. If you are looking for durable, scratch-resistant, and easy-to-clean kitchen cabinets, laminate cabinets are an excellent choice. Here are some noteworthy laminate brands to check out:


Based in Singapore and Malaysia, ADMIRA is a pioneer in the region’s high-pressure laminates industry, backed by over 45 years of experience. ADMIRA’s collection of High Pressure Laminates featuring exquisite tones seamlessly match with glamourous details to set off a luxurious appeal in the kitchen. Whether you want dark or light tones for your laminate cabinetry, ADMIRA offers a variety of laminate designs that also come with unique features. For instance, ADMIRA’S Traceless, a series of laminates engineered with fingerprint-resistant technology, is perfect for cabinets, flat panel doors, or any high-touch traffic surfaces which tend to smudge easily.

T: +603 5624 1180
E: marketing@admira.my
W: admira.my
FB: www.facebook.com/AdmiraHPL

Formica® is one of the leading manufacturers of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) in the world. The brand offers an assortment of products to complement beautiful kitchen cabinets. With a massive collection of inspired designs to opt for, Formica® kitchen cabinets are not just stylish and elegant; they are resistant to chipping and scratching, which maintains your kitchen’s aesthetics for many years. Their latest product, Formica® Protec+™, is capable of reducing microbe count on a surface by up to 99.5%, providing your kitchen surfaces with enhanced protection.

T: +603 7710-0512
W: www.formica.com
FB: www.facebook.com/formicaASEAN

Greenlam Laminates brings a legacy of exceptional artistry, unsurpassed quality and unyielding passion to the laminate industry. With a production capacity of 15.62 million sheets every year, the brand ensures superior quality products. Greenlam Laminates offers a comprehensive collection of laminates with antivirus, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Their HPL series features solid colours, wood looks, and mineral effects for a variety of spaces, which make them a flexible material choice for kitchen cabinets. The brand also offers fire-retardant laminates which meet international standards to keep kitchens safe from fire hazards.

T: +603 7610 0868
E: info.wm@greenlam.com
W: www.greenlam.com
FB: www.facebook.com/Greenlam-East-Malaysia-Brunei-104490457761671


Established in 2011, TOPMIX provides high pressure laminates integrated with high-quality materials and design elements to offer you an exceptional product that brings your design to life. Ranging from solids, woodgrain, and patterns to TPX, TOPMIX’s high pressure laminate comprises cellulose selected craft papers and decorative papers, impregnated with resin and produced under high heat and high pressure. Ideal for the kitchen cabinets and other main areas at home, these laminates have good chemical as well as scratch and wear resistance, are smooth and non-porous, and not adversely affected by moisture.

T: +607 571 2060
E: info@topmixhpl.com
W: www.topmixhpl.com / www.dekoraciogroup.com
FB: www.facebook.com/TopmixHPL


Virgolam is one of the leading laminate manufacturers in the Asia Pacific with a wide range of decorative laminates. The company offers laminates made in three categories, namely Digital, Mica, and Lam. Each of these product collections is crafted with innovative design and quality materials. Made with state-of-the-art technique, the laminates are available in an exotic range of colours, designs, textures, and finish. Exhibiting super strength and highly resistant to scratch and abrasion, Virgolam is an ideal choice for kitchen cabinets, providing you with surfaces that remain stylish and durable for many years.

T: +6017 5199 211
E: my@virgoasia.com
W: www.virgolam.com
FB: www.facebook.com/virgoindia

*Brands are listed alphabetically.
*Featured image: TOPMIX

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