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Best Storage Water Heaters in Malaysia to Enhance Modern Bathrooms

by creativehomex

A storage water heater can work wonders to give your bathroom an added layer of comfort. This type of water heater comes equipped with a in-built tank, where water is heated and stored to provide safe, clean and consistent hot water.

It’s ideal to go for storage water heaters that incorporate innovative technology, quality materials and exceptional safety features.

Here are some that we think fit the bill very well. Browse through our top storage water heater recommendations below:

CENTON Multipoint Storage Water Heater – Neptune Series (30 & 50 & 70 Litres)

Image credit: CENTON

CENTON Neptune Series is the latest generation multipoint storage water heater with the improved Blue Diamond Enamel-coated tank technology, giving you a storage water heater with longer lifespan, improved leak resistance, and better heat insulation; a huge improvement compared to the stainless steel tank technology (older technology with higher cost yet shorter lifespan) used by other brands.

CENTON Neptune Series Multipoint Storage Water Heater comes with a 6 years Anti-Leak Tank on-site warranty. And if that is not enough assurance for you, all Centon Water Heaters are covered with RM1,000,000 product liability insurance, so that you can have sensational showers with a peace of mind.

Elton Electrical Storage Water Heater

Elton Electrical Storage Water Heater supplies 24/7 hot water regardless of weather changes. It is energy efficient and its performance is guaranteed with minimum service maintenance. Also, water temperature in the storage tank is fixed at 60°c to prevent legionella bacteria and scalding risk. Every model is installed with an Isolation Barrier, a fitting located at the inlet and outlet of the electric storage water heater. This barrier provides double-layered protection by lengthening the water pathway to make it into a “non-conductive” path. This fitting is small, light and compatible for all types of water heater, to protect users from electrocution risks. On top of this, the storage water heater also comes with precise thermal cut-out and overheat protection.

Hydro One EcoHeater

Breakthrough technology for Storage Water Heater is finally here. With Hydro One EcoHeater, you can now enjoy instant and safe hot water with electricity cost savings up to 50% against conventional storage heater system without compromising on the heating performance. Hydro One EcoHeater uses heating component that is made of non-metal based silicon composite material with lower power consumption rating that was first invented in Germany. It features non-electricity conductive material for lower risk of electrocution and higher efficiency in terms of water heating application. The heating component is widely used in many challenging industries such as automotive, medical and semi-conductor due to its ability to generate heat rapidly, efficiently and high reliability under harsh environments.

Joven Storage Water Heater

With leading cutting-edge innovation and expertise, Joven Storage Water Heater is the perfect choice if you are looking for an efficient hot water solution for your bathroom. This storage water heater pairs compatibly with bathtubs, jacuzzis, rainshowers, showers, basins as well as kitchen sinks just by a simple connection to the hot and cold mixter tap system. The storage water heater offers a nifty temperature control which enables thermostatic control between low, medium and high with temperature display. Built from high quality SUS 304 Grade stainless steel, Joven Storage Water Heater withstands rust and rupture for higher durability and stellar performance.

Alpha Storage Shower Heater

Featuring U.K. hi-tech performance heating technology that comes with a triple safety system and incoloy heating element for higher durability, Alpha storage shower heater is made from high quality materials: stainless steel grade 304 for its inner cylinder tank and epoxy-coated outer casing to prevent rusting. The storage shower heater also features CFC-free PUF insulation for maximum insulation and a pressure relief valve to prevent internal pressure build-up. For additional safety, there’s a primary thermostate cut-out and a secondary thermal cut-off. It’s also easy to install – thanks to its multi-mounting bracket.

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