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5 Best Water Heaters in Malaysia

by chxadmin

Some of us just might be able to live with cold water showers, especially after a day in the heat of the tropical sun. While a water heater may be a luxury for some, the realisation that you need one probably hits you just as quickly as the cold water does, so we summed up the nation’s best water heaters (with pumps) in the following list for your convenience (2020).


Image Credit: CENTON

One of online’s best-selling Malaysian manufactured instant water heaters, this ECOnomical and ECO-friendly Centon Water Heater is built-in with an advanced 3-phase brushless DC Silent Pump that generates high water flow rate and consumes 50% lower electrical power than normal AC Pump.

Centon EcoSerene Series is also equipped with Pentafecta 5-Point Safety System to shield you with maximum protection against electrical and scalding hazards. And if that is not enough assurance for you, all Centon Water Heaters are covered with RM1,000,000 product liability insurance, so that you can have sensational showers with a peace of mind.


Image Credit: Electrolux

A multinational corporation headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Electrolux has almost 90 years of experience in the field of electronic home appliances, showcasing their engineering and technical know-how with the EWE361TA-DECT1. This ecologically-conscious offering provides a touch-activated interface that enables one to select preferred temperatures, and to view information on temperature and water consumption rates on an unambiguous digital display. In an expression of Scandinavian ingenuity, Electrolux included a precise turbine flow sensor to enable the dynamic adjustment of temperature, protected the shower nozzles with a bacteria-resistant coating to keep the water clean, and provided the EWE361TA-DECT1 with the ability to check itself for leaks.


Image Credit: Hitachi

The company that occupies itself with Japan’s utilities, transport, communications, and healthcare infrastructure, can be expected to be capable of producing a decent and affordable water heater. The HES-36WPY is equipped with a basic assembly of showerhead and hose  made entirely of antibacterial materials. The shower head comes with five different flow settings, selected with a thumb push on the rotary selector dial – and a pause button to on the grip of the showerhead to stop water flow entirely.


Image Credit: Joven

A homegrown brand of water heaters equipped with storage and pumps, Joven’s offerings are SIRIM tested to ensure quality and safety – no less so with their tankless i90P, a newer iteration of their iconic water heaters equipped with a silent pump. The slim slider bar and shower heads of the i90P are chrome plated, and the splash-proof casing of the heater is available in red, gray, or black to match modern interiors.


Image Credit: Panasonic

Bringing a century of expertise in dealing with electronic home appliances, Panasonic offers the highest standards in user-friendliness, silent operation, cleanliness, and low-energy usage with the DH-3NDP1MS – featuring an LCD display screen with touch button selectors, an ingenious algorithm that cycles between hot and cold water sprays to save electricity, and antibacterial materials infused with silver particles.

* Brands are listed alphabetically

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