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Ultra Wash: Hitachi’s Ultra-Stream Wash Offers You a High Performance Wash for Up to 24kg of Laundry

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Doing your laundry gets even easier and more efficient with the new Hitachi Ultra-Stream Wash series of washing machines. This range can handle a load capacity of up to 24kg by utilising its latest Ultra-Stream Wash technology.

LARGER LOADSWith a washing machine from this series, you can conveniently wash large, bulky items that are usually difficult to wash at home, such as curtains and bedding. Additionally, you can also launder an estimated 120 shirts in one wash, ensuring you won’t have to do the family laundry often. This washing machine can also wash a king-size comforter! The tubs for Hitachi’s new models are 616mm wide, making it easier to put in and remove your fabrics.

By utilising its latest Ultra-Stream Wash technology, this range of washing machines can handle a load capacity of up to 24kg, and it consists of the SF-180XWV (18kg wash load capacity), SF-200XWV (20kg) and SF-240XWV (24kg) models. These variants enable the large-volume, circulating showers that are equipped in the Hitachi washing machines to give your laundry a thorough and clean wash.

Each washing machine features a pulsator with large blades on its surface – ensuring that the detergent-rich water thoroughly penetrates the clothes during every wash. Unlike its conventional pulsators which are only 22mm thick, Hitachi’s new range utilises an Ultra-Stream Wing that is 55mm thick. This pulsator produces a powerful water circulation within the washing machine while reducing its water consumption. A strong, wide flow of water falls on the entire surface of your clothes in a shower, providing a thorough penetration, the efficient removal of dirt, and effective rinsing for a clean, fresh wash.

The Hitachi 4-Step Wash technology ensures that its concentrated detergent will remove even the most stubborn stains on your clothes. First, it dissolves the detergent. As the water increases, the condensed detergent solution penetrates your clothing fabric. Soon, its detergent comes into complete contact with the clothes’ surface. Once the solution attains “The Normal Water Level”, it eliminates the stubborn dirt on your fabrics.

This feature takes advantage of the washing machines’ rotating tubs to clean hard-to-reach areas, where sebum, detergent residue, bacteria and mold spores accumulate. The Auto Self Clean is only required to be turned on once and it will automatically clean your washing machine everytime you use it. A shower of clean water cleans both the inner stainless steel tub and outer plastic tub as well as below the pulsator. The stainless steel tub and pulsator rotate accordingly to effectively remove bacteria, dirt and excessive detergent during every wash without you even noticing. This “Hero in Disguise” feature will rid you of your worries by ensuring a clean washing machine everytime you use it. It is only fair to expect clean clothes from a clean washing machine.

Additional functions such as the 3-Step Eco Sensor, Water Power Control, Shower Plus, Memory Option, Tangle-Free Finish, 11 Programs option, Delay Timer, Auto Restart and Auto Power Off are vital in providing consumers with a hassle-free as well as water and time-saving laundry experience.

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