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This Omakase Restaurant Offers a Tasteful Experience with a Dash of Mystery: INCH Theory

by creativehomex

Soulful, stylish, and elegantly immersive – the Sushi Soul restaurant designed by INCH Theory stays true to its illustrative concept of being “inspired by soul.” Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, this 2,089 sqft Omakase restaurant expresses an exceptional aesthetic to complement its exquisite Japanese cuisine.

“Our design intention was to create an elegant yet functional space that is on par with the restaurant’s seasonal, elegant, and artistic menu that only uses the finest ingredients,” the design team explains. “Its name – Soul, inspired the design concept. It refers to a person’s spirit or emotions; hence we used dark colours such as black and dark grey for the backdrop to generate a sense of power, mystery, and emotion.”

Throughout the restaurant, the sensually dark palette is immediately apparent. A modern theme takes the lead, where sleek, polished surfaces illuminated by decorative lighting bring out a three-dimensional effect that is breathtakingly eye-catching. Unlike many Japanese-inspired establishments, wood is absent to maintain the ultra-modern design language.

One of the restaurant’s highlights is the opulent feature wall. “We decided to create a strong visual impact at the corridor near the entrance. To do this, we designed an abstract image of a mountain as the feature wall which visually directs customers to the sushi bar counter,” elaborates the design team.

INCH Theory also created an unconventional display shelf for the owner’s sake collection. From there, a hidden door takes guests to a private lounge where reflective materials like mirror surfaces lend a spacious yet luxurious ambience to the space.

Aside from the private lounge, the restaurant also incorporates a large private dining room, two smaller dining spaces, and a sushi bar counter that seats 12. The designers were also careful about the lighting design as it plays a vital role in the restaurant’s experiential aspect.

“We minimised the number of indoor light fixtures and only placed spotlights and LED strips on the floor to prevent visitors from getting an overall view of the entire space immediately. The gradual reveal of different spaces allows customers to slowly immerse into the high-end dining ambience,” the design team adds.

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