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Classic Marble and Contemporary Furnishing Turn this Condo into an All-White Wonder

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There’s a lot to be impressed about in this 2,336 sqft home designed by IQI Concept. With a modern contemporary concept that brings a myriad of elements together, this eye-catching abode is the result of the firm’s unique creative design and meticulous execution.

“The client requested for something modern, simple, comfortable with a hint of sophistication,” the design team says. “To do this, we simplified the interior space by integrating the family’s modern daily lifestyle as the core idea of our design and using marble as our source of inspiration for the colour concept.”

White Carrara marble is the key material employed to evoke a luxurious palette in this home and its effect is a mix of elegance and contemporary. “White marble is the main highlight,” the design team explains. “Carrara marble has always been deemed as a classic marble associated with the Greek and Roman temple. This warm white marble with subtle grey grains running through it exudes a certain sense of sophistication.”

Interior design by IQI Concept

In the living room, this expressive white marble is employed as the backdrop of the feature wall accommodating the flat screen TV. Everything else is kept to a minimalist manner but carefully selected furnishing and decorative pieces effectively accentuate the space. For example, the shelf next to the TV displaying a collection of vases draws attention immediately and gives the white a palette a bright boost of colour.

Carrara marble is seen once again in the adjacent kitchen countertop, complemented by pristine white cabinet surfaces to keep the kitchen theme consistent. Right next to it, a dining set with black chairs and a glass-topped table blend effortlessly with the all-white kitchen. The white cabinetry continues all the way to wet kitchen which is done up in a galley-style layout to maximise the narrow space.

Throughout this home, the central idea is to create appealing yet highly functional spaces that fit the owners’ lifestyle. “The daily activities of the family include mom cooking or baking, kids studying and family bonding over a meal or watching TV,” the designers elaborate. “Thus, we have designed 3 main areas at the core of the house by emphasizing the wide kitchen marble countertop, the mesmerizing views of KL city skyscrapers and creating a kid’s study area.”

Interior design by IQI Concept

As the study area opens out to the living hall, the same all-white theme is used. White wall-hung cabinets go all the way to the ceiling to maintain a streamlined look while below them, a long desk is tucked neatly to the wall. Beside the study area is a glass sliding door that when opened, reveals a hallway with a piano next to the main entrance.

For the master bedroom, similar colours and materials are seen, however the room has a softer and warmer atmosphere. “The existing master bedroom was a modestly sized room, but we challenged the space by incorporating a walk-in wardrobe for the layout. Nevertheless, the room still feels spacious and comfortably bright as we have used clear glass material for the top of the bed head divider which separates the sleeping space from the walk-in wardrobe. We also used complementary colours for the bedroom to create a light and soothing ambience,” the designers say.

Interior design by IQI Concept

For the girls’ room, a combination of pastel reds and shades of pink and purple gives it a feminine look while in the boy’s bedroom, bolder colours are used to generate a playful vibe.

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