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Inspiring Styling and ID Tips from Melinda Looi with the Ethereal by Silestone Collection

by creativehomex

Timeless designs with a fashionable twist: that’s the unique beauty of the all-new Ethereal by Silestone collection – thanks to an inspiring partnership between Cosentino and Melinda Looi, fashion designer and founder of “Bespoke ID by Melinda Looi”. In conjunction with the launch of this new collection, Cosentino hosted an interactive virtual interior styling masterclass by Melinda for guests to discover valuable tips and ways to style their homes.

The interior styling masterclass was attended by guests such as model and influencer Venice Min and entrepreneur and co-founder of Bowerhaus jewellery, Elizabeth Lee. Guests in attendance were treated to an exclusive session by Melinda Looi, who shared her personal tips and design expertise on how to combine the Ethereal by Silestone collection comprising the four new colours of the collection – Ethereal Dusk, Ethereal Haze, Ethereal Glow, and Ethereal Noctis.

To help her audience better envision the interior design ideas featuring the Ethereal by Silestone collection, Melinda Looi demonstrated her interior design inspirations, ideas and materials through a mood board.

“Every home should be reflective of an individual’s personality as it is where they spend most of their time in. To make that space a warm and welcoming home which reflects their personality, it is important to invest in the right surfaces that are chic and sustainable, which can easily be adaptable to any space. And the Ethereal by Silestone collection is a testament to that,” said Melinda.

During the masterclass, Cosentino also showcased a global avant-garde campaign video titled “The Metamorphosis”, featuring entrepreneur and international fashion icon Cindy Crawford. “The Metamorphosis” serves as an allegory of Silestone’s own transition and work to be innovative and revolutionary, which is demonstrated through the sustainable HybriQ+ technology that makes up the Ethereal by Silestone surfaces. The campaign also showcases how Cosentino relates to nature as its north star inspires change from within.

Interior Tips by Melinda Looi featuring the Ethereal by Silestone collection

“Similar to fashion which features a combination of materials, you can include different styles and elements into a dress to create more textures, and interior design is the same. You can also feature a combination of different surfaces, such as the different colours from the Ethereal by Silestone collection for interior design inspirations,” says Melinda.

Moodboard featuring “The Artist”
The Artist” features a combination of both Ethereal Dusk and Ethereal Haze surfaces. The idea behind the combination was to recreate a sense of a home that feels like a museum.

Moodboard featuring “The Sophisticated”
The Sophisticated” features a combination of both Ethereal Glow and Ethereal Noctis surfaces which exude a modern and timeless design. As the Ethereal Noctis has gradients of grey and a more natural tone, it can create a modern and minimalist interior. You can also incorporate black furniture into the home design to give a sophisticated feel.”

To find out more about the Ethereal by Silestone collection, visit https://www.cosentino.com/ethereal/

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