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CUCKOO: Home Appliances That Go Beyond the Ordinary

by creativehomex

CUCKOO is all about helping you create a clean, healthy and sustainable home life! Established in 1978, CUCKOO has enhanced the lives of millions worldwide, and as a Healthy Home Creator, the brand strives to provide home appliances that can enrich lives.

From air purifiers, air conditioners, pressure multi-cookers to mattresses and water purifiers, every product is meticulously designed with quality and high performance in mind to ensure a comfortable and efficient lifestyle for the whole family.

CUCKOO Water Purifiers: More Than Just Water
CUCKOO’s Water Purifiers supply mild alkaline water that is rich in minerals and free from 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses. Made possible with the latest technologies, drinking water from a CUCKOO Water Purifier is clean, safe and healthy, meeting World Health Organization (WHO) standards. These water purifiers also incorporate a 6-stage filtration system, which enables retaining and supplying minerals (Natural Filter), removing heavy metals (Nano Positive Filter), and reducing water wastage.

CUCKOO Air Purifiers: Beyond Fresh Air
Fresh, clean and stylish – CUCKOO’s Air Purifiers offer the perfect balance between the three. With CUCKOO’s state-of-the-art technologies, CUCKOO’s stylish Air Purifiers can purify the air from harmful and unpleasant things such as pollen, haze, fine dust, foul odours, and even bacteria! CUCKOO’s Air Purifiers also include a self-developed filter – Ultra PM2.5 Filter, designed to effectively removes 99.77% to 99.95% of dust in the air. It is also tested and certified by University Putra Malaysia (UPM).

CUCKOO Air Conditioners: Making Healthy Air Cooler
Innovatively designed with state-of-the-art technology, CUCKOO’s Air Conditioners bring you more than just cool and fresh air; they also bring you self-care and convenience. The Vita-S Inverter Air Conditioner, co-created with Fujiaire, offers various benefits thanks to an exceptional Vita-Silver Filtration System. Within this system, the Vitamin C Infuser Antioxidant gradually infuses the air with Vitamin C, moisturising the skin and enhancing immunity. In the meantime, the system’s Revolutionary Silver Ioniser Antibacterial releases silver ions into the air, destroying and impeding the growth of fungi and viruses.

CUCKOO Multi-Cookers: Healthy Can Be Tasty
CUCKOO’s Multi-Cookers are intelligently convenient and designed to make cooking effortless. From a diverse range of cooking modes to its advanced technologies, making a good meal that is both tasty and healthy for your loved ones is just a few buttons away. Just arm yourself with your favourite recipe, add your ingredients and enjoy advanced multi-cooker automation in controlling heat, time, pressure and power consumption. In addition, the inner vacuum pot retains heat longer and reduces re-heating time so that the CUCKOO Multi-Cooker operates efficiently and saves energy!

There are so many CUCKOO appliances to make your home complete. Check them out at CUCKOObymeng.com or at their booth at CreativeHome 20th Anniversary Carnival!

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