Home Bathroom Centon Neptune & Nautilus: High Performance Storage Water Heaters for Your Home

Centon Neptune & Nautilus: High Performance Storage Water Heaters for Your Home

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Whether it’s for showering or cleaning, most Malaysians can’t do without hot water in their daily lives. This is why a quality storage water heater can make a huge difference when it comes to ensuring convenience and comfort at home. CENTON’s latest series of storage water heaters are designed with these needs in mind. Whether you are looking for an above ceiling storage water heater or a below ceiling model, CENTON’s Neptune Series and Nautilus Series are produced with long lasting materials as well as innovative features to suit different requirements.

CENTON Neptune (left) and CENTON Nautilus (right)

Neptune: Centon’s new generation above ceiling storage water heater
The Neptune Electric Storage Water Heater is power packed with innovative features to offer you a reliable water heating device with longer lifespan, improved leak resistance and better heat insulation, compared to conventional storage water heaters .

CENTON Neptune Series

Designed using high-strength and durable material, Neptune’s Blue Diamond enamelled tank comes with the addition of heavy-duty magnesium anode rod to ensure ultimate protection against rust and corrosion. There is also protection against radiant heat loss with its CFC-free polyurethane insulation design. To top that off, its Incoloy 840 heating element provides superior heating performance with extended life span and minimum energy losses.

The storage water heater also comes with a wide range of storage capacity and space-saving design to meet different specifications. The device is safe to use with dual-layer protection against overheating and over-pressure along with multilayer safety protection elements that prevents over-temperature, over-pressure, water refluence, dry heating, and electrical leakage. Wall mounts are included with the device, however users can also opt for ceiling mounts.

Nautilus: Centon’s new generation below ceiling storage water heater
If you are looking for a sleek yet high performance below ceiling storage water heater, the Nautilus Electric Storage Water Heater may just be the ideal choice for you. Similar to the Neptune Series, Nautilus also comes with Blue Diamond enamel-coated tank technology to give you a highly durable and efficient storage water heater to meet your daily needs.

CENTON Nautilus Series

With a host of features that combines safety and efficiency, Nautilus offers 20 litres of storage capacity within its high impact resistant ABS body and Blue Diamond enamelled tank to protect against rust and corrosion. This storage water heater also comes with Whirlflow Technology Water Tubes to ensure no immediate direct contact between cold and hot water for maximum energy saving. Its Single Welding Technology also offers improved leak resistance thanks to minimal connecting joints, maximizing damage protection caused by high pressure.

Superbly user-friendly, Nautilus comes with adjustable power and temperature control settings along with viewable usage light indicator which informs users when hot water is readily available. With its new flat slim design, this elegant storage water heater blends well with any bathroom walls or below the basin (as opposed to above ceiling).


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