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De’Longhi Coffee Machines: Turning Your Everyday Coffee into Something Special

by creativehomex

For decades De’Longhi has been creating products to make people’s lives easier. With a distinct touch of “Italianness”, De’Longhi home appliances are infused with innovation, quality, and style, achieved through premium finishes and attractive designs to complement their unique functional features.

For coffee lovers, De’Longhi’s exquisite coffee machines will truly spark joy in your daily lives! Check out these machines, which combine innovative functions and a stylish aesthetic.

Magnifica S black (ECAM22.110.B): The daily automatic coffee machine that you will need

Featuring an intuitive control panel with backlighted touch buttons and icons, this coffee machine guarantees a user-friendly experience while offering four selections of Black Coffee size at the touch of a button: single short coffee, 2x short coffees, single long coffee, and 2x long coffee. The pump also provides optimal infusion pressure in every brewing cycle, leading to a perfect, creamy, dense and aromatic coffee.

La Specialista Arte (EC9155.MB): Delivering authentic manual coffee crafting experience with fascination in every detail

With its high-performance 15 Bar Pump Pressure, this coffee machine provides consistent pressure to produce a perfect, creamy aromatic coffee with a balanced body. The machine can also automatically wet-ground coffee and adjust the amount of water for pre-infusion. There are three temperature settings: 92 / 94 / 96˚c and pre-programmed recipes from authentic Italian espresso, 2x Espresso, Americano, 2x Americano, and Hot Tea/Water.

Dedica Metallics Pump Espresso Maker (EC785.BG/AZ): A timeless design for a Barista experience at home

This eye-catching coffee machine, available in beige or azure (light blue) in Metallic Finish, incorporates innovative features like a 15 Bar Pump Pressure, a pre-programmed coffee button, three levels of coffee temperature, a cappuccino system and Thermoblock Technology which keeps the water at the exact temperature required to brew a perfect Espresso. The result? Perfect, creamy, dense and aromatic coffee every time.

Visit shop.delonghi.com for more details on creating that superb cuppa with De’Longhi coffee machines. Also catch them at CreativeHome 20th Anniversary Carnival!

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