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5 Best Dish Drainers in Malaysia to Buy

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This list is centred on a ubiquitous kitchen accessory that sometimes gets forgotten – at least until the first round of dishes is washed in a new home. Often made from nothing more than sturdy metal wires, the dish drainer is a practical add-on even for kitchens equipped with a dishwasher. The ideal dish drainer keeps wet cutlery and serving ware upright to allow water droplets to fall off without causing water spots after drying. If you came across our lists on the most dependable appliances and accessories for the kitchen, you may also be interested in this line-up of dish drainers.

BigSpoon 3-Tier Dish Rack Drainer

Image Credit: BigSpoon Kitchenware

From one of Malaysia’s longest-standing online retailers of kitchenware, comes a versatile design of dish drainer made from food-grade, Type 304 stainless steel. With three tiers of storage and two removable drip trays held up by a sturdy frame that occupies a footprint measuring only 55 centimetres wide by 30 centimetres deep, one unit of this dish drainer – or even a series, could potentially fit three meals worth of drying dishes on the narrowest of countertops.

Ikea Ordning Dish Drainer

Image Credit: Ikea

Designed by one of Ikea’s proponents of minimalist and industrial aesthetics – Mikael Warnhammar, the Ordning (Swedish for “order”) stainless steel dish drainer presents a modern departure from the boxy designs of tradition. With a tubular frame that is simplistically yet sturdily held together by a wire rack and a perforated drip tray that will not hold puddles of water, the result is an airy, low-profile dish drainer that fits into the smallest of spaces and blends with interiors ranging beyond the Scandinavian.

Sokano Dual Layer S-Shaped Dish & Utensils Drainer Rack

Image Credit: Sokano

An online retailer in Malaysia, Sokano promises shocking deals for well-dressed, globetrotting photographers, with everything ranging from clothing, fashion accessories, and products for homes. Perhaps the most divergent design in this list, Sokano’s dish drainer features an elegant S-shaped frame made from chrome-plated stainless steel, providing storage space on two tiers of wire racks within a relatively diminutive footprint measuring 42 centimetres by 24 centimetres.

Spotlight Stores Madesmart Collapsible Dish Rack

Image Credit: Spotlight Stores

Made for the smallest of kitchen spaces, collapsible dish drainers are designed to flatten so that they can be stowed when not in use. The pictured Madesmart Collapsible Dish Rack features a top frame and base composed from plastic, with perforated and ribbed sides made from rubber. When expanded for use, the top frame holds cutlery vertical while the spokes on the base provide stability for servingware to be held upright.

Toyogo Dish Rack with Cover

Image Credit: 11Street

Beginning in 2003 as a brand of plastic pallets and freezer spacers for use in warehouses, Toyogo plastics have been proven for cost-effective applications in environments requiring extreme weight and temperature tolerances. The pictured Toyogo dish rack takes after a common design from decades past, with two tiers of perforated plastic trays (in blue or red) providing ample storage space within a 40-centimetre by 29-centimetre footprint. The white plastic frame is of a modular and stackable design, enabling additional tiers to be stacked over the drip tray and beneath the clear plastic cover.

* Brands are listed alphabetically

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