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antoniolupi: Infusing The Art of Bathing Within Modern Bathrooms


antoniolupi evokes a sense of perfection and beauty in bathrooms through inspired bath designs that bring high tech materials and designer ideas in harmony.

With headquarters in Tuscany, antoniolupi is an internationally renowned producer of design bath furniture which was founded in 1950 by Antonio Lupi. Since the 1980s, Antonio Lupi Design® has been collaborating with Mauro Carlesi, Carlo Colombo, Domenico De Palo, Mario Ferrarini and many other prominent designers, which revolutionized the way we experience bathrooms. Today, their collections can be found in more thn 60 countries worldwide, recognizable for the unique beauty and exceptional details that the brand offers.

Revolutionizing the Bathroom Experience
antoniolupi tailor makes everything for the bathroom: furniture (currently divided up in 8 collections), sanitary-ware, bathtubs, taps, mirrors and lighting, shower trays and enclosures, overhead showers, radiators, accessories and furnishings.

Bathing with Art
Bathing with art, the art of bathing, is the philosophy that marks the entire antoniolupi production. Some times as was the case with the vascabarca, the bathtub sculpture of the two artists Anne and Patrick Poirier, in all other cases, with the wish that all that is done is done to perfection. The bathroom is the center of antoniolupi’s research. The brand believes that caring for your body means caring for your spirit: within a beautiful environment.

New Materials that Go Above and Beyond
Flumood: Born from continuous research, antoniolupi has developed a new material with extraordinary features and patented under the name Flumood. Ecological, compact, non-porous, uniform, non-toxic and flexible, Flumood is an ideal material to evoke the creativity of designers allowing for an interpretation of ideas and lines in a quest for beauty that remains primarily the objective.

Quarzomood: Patented by antoniolupi Quarzomood® is composed of synthetic resin with low styrene content in addition to quartz fillers. Easy to clean, easily restorable in case of scratches, burns or wear resulting from daily use, maintaining its performance over time by ensuring surface resistance and aesthetic expression

Cristalmood: A new material, result of the antoniolupi research, is added to Flumood and Quarzomood. Cristalmood is a coloured resin, transparent with a glossy finish, composed of high quality polyester resin and coloring pigments.


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