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RES ITALIA: Transforming Interiors with Designer Doors and Systems

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RES ITALIA presents a series of innovative doors and systems that are set to elevate interiors into the next level of style and substance.

Leading door company, RES ITALIA has been designing and producing doors and systems since 1962. Founded by Enrico Santambrogio, RES is headquartered in Seregno, Italy.To date, RES has realized important design projects carrying the collections of doors and systems inside the prestigious offices Estée Lauder Cosmetics in New York, in the housing complex Palais Liegi in Rome, in the Belstaff location of Mogliano Veneto, in the Hotel Conservatorium in Amsterdam and in the offices of the luxury fashion brand Giada in China.

For RES, The distribution of products takes place through high level furniture systems retailers, as well as specialists in the field of design doors. RES suppliers are found worldwide: New York for the United States and Canada, in Benelux, Hong Kong, Ciprus, Dubai, India and Turkey. Moreover, many of their products have earned RES important awards, among which: special mention “Young e Design 1995″ for the system Sidus; special mention “Young e Design 2003” for the led door Luna Light; special mention “Young e Design 2005″for the system Twin; recommendation “Idot 2006” for the led door Luna Light.

Designer Innovations that Open the Doors to More Possibilities

by Pininfarina
Innovation is the keyword: the body of the door becomes one with the frame, giving life to a highly integrated system, by means of a special milling that allows the panel to fold.

designed by Massimo Cavana
RES is continuously looking for the improvement and development of its products. From this point of view, the historic model Luna takes on new life. Details and finishes that tell the evolution of a collection of very successful doors.

designed by Gianluca Santambrogio
Arc is the most complete product within the RES product collection. Its jamb is the main feature of this collection of doors, which allows the possibility of combining the finish of the door with the jamb.

designed by Gianluca Santambrogio
Doga resembles the very concept of wall cladding, that is in more amplified and contemporary terms. Not just panels to cover a wall, but rather real stylistic elements able of giving vital life to the character and personality of a space.

designed by Massimo Cavana
RES offers more than just doors. Èlle’s aim is to propose a new concept of TV stand, where the TV is integrated in the “piece of furniture”. It is much more a graphic sign, a comma, an “L” hugged the wall, containing the TV and all digital systems.


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