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Perfect Drying and Washing: The New Bosch Dishwashers With Perfectdry

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Today’s dishwashers mainly have to be judged on two key aspects: their cleaning performance and their drying power. This also includes preventing any annoying residual moisture and lime spots. With the use of the mineral Zeolite, Bosch has been setting new standards in drying since 2008, both in terms of quality and efficiency. Additional advances, including Zeolite® drying technology and its improved 3D air flow system meant that drying results improved again in 2015. And now Bosch has gone one step further: PerfectDry dishwashers with Zeolite® drying technology do more than just gentle cleaning. They also deliver unprecedented drying results for porcelain, glass and even plastic tableware, which is particularly hard to dry due to its low heat storage capacity.

Perfect drying with PerfectDry
Small, moisture-retaining, self-regenerating mineral pearls are the stars of Bosch’s Zeolite® drying technology. The natural mineral is stored in a compact container in the dishwasher’s housing. The trick: Zeolite absorbs moisture and emits dry, warm air. Bosch’s special 3D air flow system ensures that this warm air is dispersed via the outlet in three directions inside the dishwasher’s interior, reliably blowing gently and evenly across all the tableware. The result: not only glasses and dishes, but even hard-to-dry plastic dishes are dried. After a child’s birthday party, barbecue or picnic, there is often a large amount of plastic trays, bowls and cups to clean. Bosch has developed the optional setting “ExtraDry” for loads that are particularly difficult to dry. If you select this option, the temperature increases slightly during washing and the drying process is extended – so that everything can go straight back into the cupboard again afterwards. There is no need to dry anything by hand afterwards.

Quiet helper for a better quality of life
Modern home appliances should be seen but hardly heard. This is why Bosch has redefined the maximum noise levels for its Series 4, 6 and 8 dishwashers. The combination of low-vibration materials, low-friction drive, effective, noise-absorbing insulation and optimised water-bearing device parts enables noise levels to be kept below 42 dB* – which corresponds to a quiet conversation, for example. In addition, the Silence programme in the Series 6 and 8 appliances uses reduced spray pressure and noise-optimised Zeolite technology to ensure that noise is kept to a bare minimum.

Perfect glass protection for all requirements
In addition to optimum cleaning and drying results, glass protection is an important topic for many households. Bosch offers a range of special features for customers’ differing needs and requirements. The “Glass 40 °C” programme cleans glasses particularly gently and dries them perfectly, thanks to a slightly lower temperature. And some Series 6 and 8 models also have a basket for long-stemmed wine and champagne glasses. The basket fixes up to four glasses securely in position in the lower rack and enables them to be loaded and unloaded without any risk of tipping over or getting scratched. And it also ensures perfect cleaning and drying results. In the Series 8 dishwashers, “Precision glass protection” guarantees optimum results, even after many wash cycles: thanks to an integrated valve for untreated water, the water hardness is kept at a balanced, sustainable level that is easy on glassware.

* e.g. SMI46MS03E and SMV68TX06E in the label programme.

For generations now, the name Bosch has stood for ground-breaking technology and outstanding quality. Bosch home appliances have been making people’s lives easier for over 80 years, and Bosch is Europe’s leading home appliance brand. Consumers around the world associate the brand with efficiency, functionality, reliability, quality and internationally acclaimed design. Respect for both people and nature, reflected not least in the guiding principle “Invented for life”, is a matter of course for Bosch. This is evident, for example, in the company’s sustainable products and resource-conserving processes.

For more information, please visit www.bosch-home.com.my.

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