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Top 5 Dishwasher Brands in Malaysia

by chxadmin

It is a ritual that inevitably follows every meal – unless your dinnerware happens to edible or disposable in some other way, and since we would be hard-pressed to come across any living person who actually enjoys washing dishes, we scoured the offerings of various home appliance brands in the country to bring you the following list of our five favourite dishwashers.


Image Credit: Bosch

From the same people who developed the Serie 8 built-in oven comes a dishwasher that purportedly operates more efficiently and runs quieter with Bosch’s patented EcoSilence DriveTM inverter. While other dishwashers may seem sufficiently feature-laden with the ability to sense variable loads and adjust water usage accordingly, the Bosch SMS63L08EA is one of the few dishwashers that goes a step further with optical sensors that measure the amount of soiling on dishes and factors the readings into regulating water and electricity usage.


Image Credit: Beko

Beko’s apparent focus in the realm of dishwashers is centred on energy efficiency, and their DFN28J20X reflects that objective with one of the highest energy-saving ratings of any home appliance. While most other dishwashers utilise some sort of heating element to perform the drying stage at the end of a wash, the DFN28J20X relies on the active ventilation of air in the internal cavity to save on electricity.


Image Credit: Fiamma Holdings

Even after having cemented their place in European kitchens and psyches with their stereotypical stove-tops of retro prominence, Elba is still one of the premium brands to look at for other kitchen appliances. The EDW-B1462D(SS) from Elba provides space for 14 place settings’ worth of dinnerware within the 60-centimetre wide stainless steel shell – but if large dining parties are uncommon, this dishwasher also provides the option to wash half the maximum load of dinnerware to provide some savings in water and electricity.


Image Credit: Electrolux

For some, the Electrolux brand is among the most trusted of names for keeping things clean. The Electrolux ESL5340LO meets the expected standard with a 60-centimeter wide shell that accommodates up to 13 place settings and brings additional savings in electricity to the kitchen with one of the highest ratings for energy-savings in this list of dishwashers. The key ingredient behind this dishwasher’s energy-efficient operation is its innovative condensation drying method, which relies on steam rising from the drip pan to pull water droplets off dinnerware.


Image Credit: Panasonic

Perhaps due in part to Panasonic’s extensive experience in the manufacture of medical-grade devices, the NP-6X1FFQMY differentiates itself with a more hygienic drying method that does not involve any air from outside the dishwasher. In order to keep airborne contaminants in the air from contacting dinnerware, the NP-6X1FFQMY utilises a spray of heated water dispensed during the final rinse cycle to coat dinnerware in a layer of hot water that will evaporate as the temperature within the dishwasher returns to ambient levels.

* Brands are listed alphabetically

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