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Bosch FlameSelect: Precise and Economical Heat Control for Culinary Specialists

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Control Nine Levels of Fire at your Fingertips – with the new FlameSelect Gas Cooktop from Bosch.

Make time for the things in life that matter. Start by owning a commonly-used home appliance that is of the finest quality, intuitive to operate and makes for hassle-free cleaning. A FlameSelect Gas Cooktop allows you to cook up a storm by controlling nine levels of fire at your fingertips – while providing perfect results. Its modern, yet timeless design also comes with high-quality materials such as ceramic glass or stainless steel, to make cleaning a breeze.

Easy Flame Control

Bid farewell to constant back-bending while checking the flame level as you cook. Thanks to the Innovative Valve Technology, the FlameSelect Gas Cooktop allows you control over nine precise, yet consistent levels of fire within the palm of your hands! The innovative and patented valve technology regulates gas output with precision, from levels 1 to 9. Additionally, the knobs are accentuated with printed numbers to highlight the chosen power levels. From fluffy omelettes which require light cooking, to the tastiest and most flavourful stir-fry recipe, you can now to be assured of whipping up consistent and great-tasting meals.

The new gas cooktops with FlameSelect are equipped with nine precisely defined power levels which let you adjust the required heat easily and reliably. For simply perfect cooking results.

German Engineering

Bosch has always manufactured quality and innovative German Engineered appliances – this is no exception for the FlameSelect Gas Cooktop. The appliance comes with powerful wok burners to tackle any culinary task, while providing users with the ergonomic benefit of controlling the flame level without constantly bending their backs. As form follows function, Bosch products are also constructed to fit beautifully in any kitchen. For example, you can choose between a high quality ceramic glass cooktop or a premium stainless steel one, then match it with a cast-iron pan-support of your choice.

The stainless-steel gas hob with FlameSelect

The ceramic glass gas hob with FlameSelect

Timeless and Ergonomic Design

A premium well-designed hob transforms any kitchen into a clean, modern and elegant space. The FlameSelect Cooktop has been made with quality, form and function in mind. Its timeless design fits into any kitchen perfectly. The cooktop also comes with round edges for a modern touch and effortless cleaning, its swordknobs have also been ergonomically constructed to make the fine-tuning of flames easy, while the robust cast-iron pan support adds stability as you cook – providing a little peace of mind for your daily life.

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Text and images by Bosch.

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