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5 Best Air Purifier Brands in Malaysia

by chxadmin

Fans and air conditioners work just fine for cooling things down – but if you’re looking for something that is a little more focused and serious about your health, take a gander at our five favourite brands of air purifiers in Malaysia.


Image Credit: Dyson

Bringing their revolutionary air multiplying impellers and leading-edge airfoil designs to the realm of home appliances, Dyson provides us with an air-purifying fan that poses as a piece of artful decoration. The Pure Cool Link tower fan quietly draws air through a series of medical-grade glass and graphite filters located in its circular base to remove particles as small as 0.3 microns. While the silver tower appears diminutive enough to blend into the background of most modern living rooms, a smaller version intended for table tops is also available.


Image Credit: Panasonic

The sleek F-VK655A from Panasonic puts air through a six-stage filter that addresses viruses, bacteria, dust, odours, pollutants, and allergens – all while monitoring air quality and adjusting performance levels according to the amount of ambient light and human activity in the same 40 square-meter space. In addition to the power-saving ability of altering its performance automatically in response to changes in the day, this air purifier also humidifies the air.


Image Credit: Philips

Bringing their expertise derived from the realm of healthcare and medical devices, Philips has created an air purifier that goes beyond the nanometer scale and is capable of screening out ultra-fine particles (measuring up to 0.02 micrometers), due to the extra-thick layers of HEPA and activated carbon filters. Filter lifespan is dynamically calculated by the air purifier itself – taking into account factors such as the volume of air flow, the indoor pollutant level, and duration of operation.


Image Credit: Samsung

Samsung’s patented SPi (S-Plasma ion) technology purportedly renders inert single-celled organisms such as bacteria and viruses, and it goes into nearly every one of their home appliances from refrigerators to air conditioners. The AX50K5050WD/ME from Samsung utilizes this same technology under the name of Virus Doctor, a proprietary component that works in tandem with an easily-replaced three-stage filter composed of a dust filter, deodorising filter, and a standard PM2.5 particulate matter filter.


Image Credit: Sharp

While most of the other air purifiers in this list focus on just being adept at removing fine and ultra-fine particles from the air, the Sharp FPGM50LB goes a step further to address other airborne annoyances – such as the mosquito. In addition to the standard fare of pre-filter, HEPA filter, and deodorizing filter, this menacing looking device packs some innovative design features that lure mosquitoes into a false sense of security with ultraviolet beacons on a matte black finish and then renders them incapable of flight by pulling them onto an adhesive sheet with a sustained blast of air.

* Brands are listed alphabetically

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