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Top 5 Children Furniture Brands in Malaysia

by chxadmin

There is perhaps no better way to acclimate a young human to the features of an adult life than with scaled-down furnishings – so when the novelty of a miniature version of yourself sleeping on a king-sized bed wears off, take a gander at any of our favourite brands of child-sized furniture.


Image Credit: Bebehaus

Some of us look for the mark of Swiss quality on everything else, so why not apply that same stringent criteria to your baby’s needs? Bebehaus was founded by a Swiss national back in 2001 to provide parents in Malaysia with brands approved for use in Switzerland, such as Bugaboo strollers and Stokke baby carriers. In addition to offerings of baby mobility, Bebehaus also keeps a range of cots, cribs, and peripheral furnishings for nurseries – as well as the ergonomically-designed study furnishings from Moll for young academicians.

Little World

Image Credit: Little World

T&N Furniture’s Little World is the aptly-named destination for parents looking to foster the aspirations of an eventual race-car driver, fire-fighter, astronaut, or globe-trotting adventurer by crafting their child’s bedroom according to a particular theme. The pictured “Little Lykan” puts your young-un in the scaled-down chassis of a real-life supercar – the Lykan Hypersport.

Kids N Style

Image Credit: Kids N Style

With a presence both in the country and overseas, Kids N Style has been manufacturing and exporting bedroom furniture for children in simplified countryside style since 2005. In an apparent bid to differentiate themselves from other providers of child-sized furniture, Kids N Style offers innovative addons – such as the Safe Guard feature providing additional safety for younger children making their debut transition from a cot, a trundle bed for the inevitable sleepovers, and additional storage options in a pull-out drawer under the bed to contain a growing arsenal of toys.


Image Credit: Mothercare

Anyone who has found themselves within cheek-pinching distance of a toddler would have heard the name – Mothercare is the go-to destination for parents looking for anything baby-related. In addition to personal care products for mothers, stepping into any of the numerous retail outlets in malls around Malaysia would also present opportunities for picking up a bassinet for a newborn, cribs, cots, mattresses, and bedding for toddlers, as well as clothes, toys, accessories, and decorations for a well-appointed nursery.

Tomato Kidz

Image Credit: Tomato Kidz

A brand that has forged a memorable niche in many a parent’s mind, in part due to the incorporation of the polarising edible in its logo, Tomato Kidz provides a complete scope of furniture and accessories for all ages of children – but they are perhaps best known for their Intelligent Study Station. The ergonomic redesign of the stereotypical study table is purportedly a furnishing system that does not impart undue stress on a developing spinal column, with working surfaces and seats made fully-adjustable to cope with the bursts of rapid growth that children are known for.

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