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5 Best Wardrobe Brands in Malaysia

by chxadmin

You haven’t really made a home yours until you have unpacked your clothes and filled out the wardrobe, so to help you settle in we listed the top five providers of wardrobes in the country for your perusal.


Image Credit: IKEA

At some point after college, most of us tend to stop living out of suitcases and cardboard boxes – and the first destination for home furniture would be the globally-recognised name for flat-pack furniture. If you are uncertain as to what to look for, Ikea’s showroom and warehouse in Mutiara Damansara presents the widest possible array of options displayed in Scandinavian-styled settings, such as the portable BREIM fabric wardrobe or the pictured modular PAX range.


Image Credit: Kubiq

As the considerations that go into kitchen cabinetry (namely: frame carpentry, door materials, hinges, and handles) translate relatively easily to the bedroom, Kubiq is able to take on bedroom wardrobes given their experience in equipping kitchens with storage space. While getting quotations from other cabinet makers may be a lengthy process, the Kubiq Online Wardrobe Estimator produces immediate price estimates based on one’s selection of predetermined sizes, door systems, and materials provided from their website.


Image Credit: Mixbox

Established in Johor as a local manufacturer and exporter of bedroom furniture sets for over a decade, Mixbox provides Malaysia and other countries around the world with affordable wardrobes coupled with a highly-customisable range of compartment options and innovative design features, such as their proprietary anti-skip wheels that make for the silent opening and closing of sliding doors.


Image Credit: SCI

Over the course of 20 years, SCI has diversified from a kitchen cabinet maker to take on countertops, appliances, and fixtures throughout the rest of the home. With over half a dozen showrooms dotting the Klang Valley – and four in East Malaysia, SCI is perhaps the most accessible brand of cabinetry in the country. In addition to the standard sliding and swinging door mechanisms, SCI also provides folding doors and customisable walk-in wardrobes.

Signature Kitchen

Image Credit: Signature Kitchen

If you are in the midst of turning your bedroom into a statement of luxury, then Signature Kitchen’s craftsmanship and attention to detail is the essential ingredient needed for your bedroom cabinetry. Signature Kitchen also has a handful of showrooms distributed about the Klang Valley if you ever need to step in and take a closer look at their offerings.

* Brands are listed alphabetically

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