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Spring Air: Innovative Mattress Technology for Incredible Sleeping Comfort

by creativehomex

Since 1926, Spring Air has been widely recognised for its innovative mattresses and sleep sets. Spring Air founder and visionary Francis Karr developed the exclusive free-end offset coil design, which remains one of the most copied designs in the bedding industry. The coil adjusts to each sleeper’s weight, revolutionising how beds could be designed and produced.

In the late 1940s, the company introduced button-free technology, quilted surfaces and extra-supportive bedding materials. In 1953, Spring Air began producing its “Health Center” mattress featuring zones for different areas of the body, followed by the Pillow Top mattress in 1973.

With 4 billion dollars worth of Spring Air sleep sets sold at retail over the past ten years, Spring Air has stayed true to quality, innovative design and value. Today, Spring Air has eight domestic factories and 35 international licensees that operate in 43 countries worldwide.

In Malaysia, Spring Air has established itself as one of the top international mattress brands, offering consumers a wide range of mattress collections incorporated with the brand’s unique technologies, such as:

  • Anti-Virus Protection Technology NANO SHIELD for maximum protection against bacteria and viruses.
  • SHAPELATEX, a new latex technology that offers luxurious comfort, superior support and excellent durability.
  • patented Titanium Alloy NANOCOILS® arranged in alternating columns within a mattress for maximum stability. Open coils also allow air to circulate as you move in the bed, giving you extra resilience and durability.

For folks seeking a bed that supports their body comfortably, Spring Air’s Back Supporter mattress series offers you a combination of exceptional back support and pressure-relieving comfort, thanks to a centre-support design that begins with a patent pending carbon-neutral eco-friendly base.

Discover the advantages of Spring Air and how it supports your body when you sleep via their website www.springair.com. They are also at CreativeHome 20th Anniversary Carnival, so check out their booth there!

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