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Trendy Touches: Top 2018 Interior Design Trends to Boost Your Home’s Appeal

by chxadmin

Here are the decorative styles and features you can expect in the coming year.

At the start of every year, we take a look back across the entire breadth of imagery we have collected over the last 12 months, to find the decorative features with the staying power to make it into the next year and onward. After considerable analysis and critiquing, we believe we have arrived at a guide for what to expect in 2018 – at least in the realm of interior design.

1 Classical Features
We expect to see a continuation of classical features such as shaded chandeliers and plaster wall moulding adorning luxurious spaces in the coming year. While the world’s burgeoning economies have been experimenting with regionally-relevant styles, neoclassicism of European influence has proven to be a dependable approach to fall back on – especially when overt opulence is the intended image.

A number of discrete details have been incorporated into this dining space in order to bring the classic style to modern times: reflective trim around the dining table, metallic picture frames, and recessed area lighting hidden in the crevices of the ceiling. Designer: IDS Interior Design

2 Dark Wood
With natural materials such as wood and stone seeing greater use in our homes this past year, we expect to see a continuation of wooden decorative features and furnishings in dark shades to appeal to modern sensibilities – especially when paired with an immaculate expanse of white.

This bar exudes luxury with dark wood laminate, white stone, and golden reflective accents serving as trim on the cabinetry. Designer: Metrics Global

3 Indoor Greenery
Keeping in tune with our collective ambitions for ecological stability, another decorative feature gaining in rapid popularity is the humble indoor plant. Although previously spotted in vases or pots, really turning that dial labelled “Plants” all the way up and letting nature into your home does more than add some colour to the interior – you get higher quality air too.

While the wall creepers in this case may not be living – on account of the wood floor presenting a practical problem in plant care, the mimicry serves to amplify the few green accents in this space. Designer: Nu Infinity

4 Industrial Influence
With the large swathes of formerly industrial properties being converted into homes and centres of commerce around the world, we foresee a resurgence of post-industrial style represented by bare concrete and re-purposed wood or metal. Even in modern structures, we believe that materials that would have previously gone to waste are increasingly being given new life as decorative and functional features.

Bare ceilings and a majority of concrete surfaces create a hard, sombre look that is cool yet fashionable. Designer: X-Two Concept

5 Metallic Accents
With the global consciousness finally sliding into a restorative mode at the tail end of 2017, we foresee a declining dependence on heavily processed materials such as gilded metals. Despite that potentially inflammatory forecast, metallic components will continue to surpass other materials such as wood in terms of the physical and aesthetic properties (such as damage resistance and translucence) that make them indispensable in particular furnishings and fixtures.

Metal is used to keep the profiles of furnishings and light fixtures minimal, providing the interior with a greater sense of space. Designer: Humbert & Poyet

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