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Rustic Balance: Monochromatic, Minimalist, and Accented With Greenery

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The Roof Studio tastefully bridges the gap between Scandinavian-inspired furnishings with modern fittings in this condominium unit.

The view from the foyer presents visitors with a burst of green from the philodendron perched on a rustic end table – a wood disc suspended by a round black wire frame. The wood veneer and turquoise walls frame the house plant and compose a landscape of sunny skies and forests in the seating area. The nature-inspired space is augmented with the addition of a hide safari chair, and a slice of tree trunk mounted on black square pipes as a coffee table.

Forest Landscape: The view in the seating area presents a landscape of wood and blue skies, with wood grains assembled from the kitchen to the coffee table to frame the hide safari chair and live house plant.

The dining area and kitchen occupy the other half of the open layout, with grey and white shades flowing from background to foreground in balance with the wood grains. The grey of the dining space wall serves as the background for two black and white prints from Alexander Yakovlev’s Mirages series, transitioning to the foreground in the upholstered dining chairs and the cabinets in the kitchens. The wood of the dining surface and matching bench stand in the foreground along with the two bar stools in the dry kitchen, turning to the background for the grey cabinets and countertops.

Contrasting Forms: Biological forms are framed by modern lines in this dining space – the dining table and matching bench are constructed out of tree trunk sections mounted on legs of modern design. The arrangement of wood grain is countered by the addition of modern dining chairs upholstered in grey.

Country Accent: The kitchen presents a background wall panelled in wood, with modern lines running across the grey sides of kitchen counters and the fronts of cabinets, the wood grain is transported to the foreground with the use of two wooden bar stools to give the ensemble a pastoral lean.

Rustic elements are used in conjunction with modern fittings to stately effect in the master bedroom – dark wood planks frame the fabric headboard and the safari chair makes a reappearance on top of an uncut cowhide rug over the wood floor. In contrast, the bedside surfaces are of modern design, projecting from the wood façade of the headboard wall. The wood floor stretches into the modern walk-in wardrobe, lined in cabinets with transparent doors and providing access to the bathroom.

Elegantly Rural: The master bedroom features rustic elements such as the cowhide rug alongside a modern take on the hunting lounge chair.

Dark wood planks occupy the wall behind the bed and frame the entrance to the walk-in wardrobe.

Natural accents continue to appear in juxtaposition with modern elements in the spare bedroom, a round section of tree trunk mounted on wooden legs acts as a bedside table while a print of a deer bust hangs above the modern lines of the bed’s headboard, illuminated by recessed lights in warm yellow.

The fabric headboard stretches from floor to ceiling and the bedside surfaces project from the wooden wall façade.

Additional space in a spare room is turned into a corner for relaxation, with a bean bag and an assortment of throw cushions in various fabrics placed on a Tatami-styled platform of wood. The platform is made to appear as though it hovers with the use of hidden light sources emitting a soft golden glow against the pale tiles of the floor.

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