Home Bathroom Serene Style: 4 Tips for Transforming Bathrooms Into Tranquil Retreats

Serene Style: 4 Tips for Transforming Bathrooms Into Tranquil Retreats

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White bathrooms may be clean and classic, but they can sometimes be a little cold and lack personality. With the popularity of home spas on the rise, consider integrating some calming hues into the bathroom to soften the tone and create a mini-sanctuary.

Check out the following tips from British brand Victoria + Albert on how to think beyond the usual decoration norms and play with sanitaryware, furniture and accessories to transform your bathroom into a luxurious relaxation destination.

Tip #1: Choose a calming colour palette
One way to customise the bathroom for a more spa-like look is to play with soothing colour schemes. In this bathroom design by Smith Architects, the glossy, grey tiled wall endows the space with an ambience of peaceful tranquillity. Grey-toned bathroom palettes have been a favourite of interior designs and homeowners for the last couple of years as it creates an understated yet sophisticated look.

Victoria + Albert’s ios freestanding bath. Image Credit: Smith Architects

Against this calming backdrop, the sleek and luxurious curves of the Victoria + Albert ios bath creates a pleasing centrepiece that is befitting of the bathroom’s modern design.

Tip #2: Pick a coloured bath
Another simple and elegant way to create a sanctuary atmosphere is to opt for a coloured bath. Paired with the sleek and minimalistic Lario 100 Solo basin, the Stone Grey Victoria + Albert Cheshire bath stands out as the focal point in this bathroom design. Often associated with nature and regeneration, the lush greenery beyond the chic French
doors adds further definition to the Zen aura of the space.

Victoria + Albert’s Cheshire freestanding bath in Stone Grey and Lario 100 Solo basin. Image Credit: Victoria + Albert

With more choices than ever before, there is a Victoria + Albert bath to suit your shape and style, be it a modern, compact bath or traditional clawfoot design. Crafted from QUARRYCAST®, a Volcanic Limestone™ composite that is naturally white, Victoria + Albert baths are easy-to-clean to offer an additional peace of mind.

Tip #3: Create a timeless look using classic marble
Classic marble flooring adds an air of luxury and elegance into the space. In this bathroom design by Kim Duffin Design, the pebble-shaped Victoria + Albert Barcelona 64 vessel basins and the Barcelona freestanding bath are a pleasing counterpoint to the engineered, veined marble. Meanwhile, the greenery of the plants relaxes the mind to create a spa-like feel.

Victoria + Albert’s Barcelona freestanding bath and Barcelona 64 vessel basins. Image Credit: Kim Duffin Design

Tip #4: Use accessories to add a pop of colour
Lastly, statistics have shown that bathrooms are only renovated on average every eight to eighteen years. Rather than committing to a statement design for an extended period, invest in quality materials and opt for a timeless look that can easily be freshened up with new fabrics, accessories, and paints.

Victoria + Albert’s Ravello freestanding bath with Ravello 60 basins and Tubo taps. Image Credit: Chuck Mills Design

In this bathroom design by Chuck Mills, the red flowers, towels and wall lighting introduces vibrancy and sensuality into the space while the Victoria + Albert Ravello and Ravello 60 basins create a pleasing symmetry in this inviting bathroom.

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