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The Porcelain Lamp: A Creative Collaboration Between TSG 1895 and Iko In

by creativehomex

Crafted with a personal touch, the new TSG 1895 lamp, Porcelain is a beautiful portrayal of elegance meets heritage. Designed by Iko In for TSG 1895, this lamp showcases a dazzling pattern across it glassy shade inspired by Oriental blue and white porcelain, blending beauty with intricate detailing.

“My idea is to bring a touch of oriental charm together with western aesthetics,” In says. “Porcelain is a design to represent a fusion of oriental patterns (old) with geometrical design (new).”

At a height of 9.5 inches with a diameter of 19 inches, Porcelain’s lampshade features a total of 588 pieces of stones which include yellow Phoenix jade, blue line stone, bluestone, and green east forest stone. According to In, the colour palette was exclusively selected to give the lamp a more distinctive character. In explains further: “I wanted the lamp to have a more neutral outlook which leans towards a masculine feel. Thus, I refrained from using too many colours for the shade, focusing on only a combination of yellow, blue and green.”

The exquisite shade sits atop TSG’s exclusive Shoudan Vase Base, which features red agate in the lamp holder, adding on to the lamp’s vibrant design. From the base to the top of the lampshade, Porcelain is approximately 29 inches in height, making it an ideal centrepiece for home living spaces.

“I kept the design clean and modern so that it is suitable for every space and corner,” In says. “As a decorative lamp, it is a subtle and low-profile piece, yet it can stand out as an icon to brighten up your home spaces immediately.”

The TSG 1895 Porcelain lamp is priced at RM 68,000 (USD 16,700), available for purchase at TSG 1895 brand store.

About Iko In
Iko In is the Publisher and Founder of iN Publishers, a company renowned for their interior design portal, www.creativehomex.com. His collaboration with TSG 1895 is a testament of his keen interest in decor and design. To date, he has worked with numerous local celebrities and brands in the ID world. He has also been invited to be on the judging panel for international and local competitions and events in Malaysia, China, Italy, Paris, Philippines, Singapore and many more.

About TSG 1895
Established in 1998, TSG 1895 aims to pioneer a new genre of decorative lighting masterpieces through the use of gemstones. Currently, TSG 1895 offers a breathtaking collection of Tiffany gemstone lamps ranging from table lamps, pendant lamps, and floor lamps to floushmounted lamps, and elegant panels that serve as mosaic wall art and Art Nouveau wall art. Each of their collections comes with a certificate of authenticity that ensures their individuality and value as well as its origins from TSG 1895 USA.

For more information, log on to tsg1895.com.

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