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2023 Staircase Trends for Malaysian Homes to Know

by creativehomex

A staircase is more than a connection between floors; it’s a grand introduction to our homes. This said, creating a stylish and sophisticated focal point for the entrance to your living space is key to ensuring an elegant first impression.

According to recent research by renovation experts, nearly 36% of local homeowners now favour a contemporary style staircase over a classic design. Glass and wood options are also favoured, proving the contemporary look and feel is on the rise when it comes to our home and interiors preferences.

Neville Johnson’s Staircase Designer, Gareth Betts offers his staircase design advice: “A bespoke staircase renovation has the power to transform your home. Using the structure of an existing staircase as a base, outstanding results can be achieved without the need for additional building work. An important part of any renovation is to ensure you’re aware of the key glossary of terms that will help you to identify the elements of the home that can be transformed.”

Gareth, who also has 21 years’ experience when it comes to interior design and renovation, also shares his expert glossary of terms to ensure a seamless staircase renovation:

  • A newel post is a structural element that extends below the floor and subfloor and is bolted to the floor joist.
  • The string is the structural member that supports the treads and risers in standard staircases.
  • The baserail sits on your string and has a groove which accepts the spindles. Should you want a cut string staircase, there would be no need for a baserail as the spindles enter the treads.
  • The balustrade is the railing and baluster that prevents you from falling over the edge. It’s also the collective name for the complete assembly of handrails, including spindles and newel posts. These can be highly decorative; turned, carved, forged, or even replaced by wooden or glass panels. They sit between the handrail and stairs and are also known as balusters.
  • The risers are the vertical portion between each tread on the stair. In open plan properties, this section can be missing.

The following are some of the most stylish contemporary staircase ideas that you can adopt for your home:


Design: A3 Projects

Streamlined Steel

Design: Eleena Jamil Architect

Black Tones

Design: Neville Johnson

White Wash

Design: Logam

Clip Glass

Design: Reliance Home

Floating Effect

SCDA 8 Pinggarin Tunku

Design: SCDA Architects

A Touch of Classic

Design: VS Interior Decor

Wood Slabs

Design: Shenzhen Prima Industry Co

Minimal Steps

Design: Logam

Clean Cut

Design: Reliance Home

Solid Ascent

Design: Shenzhen Prima Industry Co

Timber Impressions

Design: VS Interior Decor

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