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7 Modern Breakfast Counter Ideas

by chxadmin

An island counter often ends up seeing more use than a dining room, with the casual setting and proximity to the kitchen – and in urban homes, island counters are usually the de facto dining space. Since you would be having most of your meals there, we thought it prudent to assemble the most inspiring island counters we have seen recently to give you some ideas.

1. Minimalist Monolith

Interior design by: Nu Infinity

To frame the projecting dining surface, a faux archway is integrated over this island counter and laminated in a dull shade of greyish brown to complement the neutral palette of the décor. Besides being a purely aesthetic feature, this framing structure provides a point from which other decorative features such as pendant lights can be hung to personalise and illuminate the space.

2. Country Kitchen

Interior design by: Yong Studio

With an abundance of space to spare, this centrally positioned island counter is given a countryside treatment – with its sides panelled in vertical wood planks and whitewashed to mirror the decorative faces of the cabinetry and the backsplash of glossy white tiles. The panelling on the sides of the island counter is echoed in dark brown with the addition of a pair of matching bar stools, while lighting is provided by a pair of simplistic shaded lamps in white to adhere to the prevailing palette.

3. Drop-Down Dining

Interior design by: Design Spirits

So as not to interrupt the visual expansion of the kitchen by way of the reflective wall, this island counter is supported by a converging pair of steel box pipe legs and kept slim with a simplistic panel of wood laminated in matte white to match the surrounding cabinetry. The implied mobility of this design reduces the visual weight of the island counter, rendering it as a diminutive and centrally located fixture in this compact kitchen.

4. Natural Flavour

Interior design by: Homlux Interior Furnishing

The conventional design of this island counter is given a twist to fall in line with the use of natural materials in this conjoined dining and kitchen space. While the island counter’s functional surface is formed out of engineered stone in plain white to contrast against the natural shades and lines in the surrounding surfaces, the decorative face is rendered in bare cement to catch the array of shadows thrown by the legs of the accompanying stools.

5. Transported Shades

Interior design by: SQFT Space Design Management

Even with an island counter of conventional design, it is possible to apply the simple repetition of colour to achieve a cohesive décor imbued with meaning. The decorative face of this island counter repeats the pale green of the backsplash, producing a swathe of greenery that appears as foliage when viewed in combination with the minimalistic bar stools in dark wood. The message is punctuated with an assortment of floral decorations situated at the base of the island counter’s projection.

6. Levitating Surface

Interior design by: Casa Indah Design

The centrally located island counter appears to float in a sea of reflective surfaces – a slab of engineered stone in white projects from the end of a false wall, with a sleek triangular foot covered in mirrored panes acting as support. The opaque and black accompanying stools serve as the visual foot of the island counter in bold contrast with the reflective surroundings and the white countertop.

7. Lightweight Design

Interior design by: Yong Studio

The minimalist nature of this island counter can be spotted in the use of a single narrow length of wood plank to serve as the functional surface and black pipes in the wine rack and stool legs. The location of this island counter – in what was apparently once a doorway, adds to its minimalist personality.

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