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SKYWORTH SUE8000 QLED+ Google TV: Extraordinary Viewing Pleasure On Demand

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Discover an all-new TV viewing experience with the SUE8000 QLED+ Google TV, designed to offer you a personalised system interface to meet your unique viewing needs. Powered by Android 11 TV OS, SUE8000 is enhanced with amazing features to ensure you have an excellent home entertainment device that you can trust and rely on for quality TV time.

The 3 QLED+ Elements of SUE8000

What makes SUE8000 so unique, and why is it called QLED+? It’s all thanks to these three components:

  • Eco-QLED: The use of eco-materials significantly reduces the wear rate between the overall quantum dot materials, resulting in a more stable and reliable device. The TV also provides environmental protection while guaranteeing more than 107 million colours and increasing the colour gamut coverage rate by 47%. Under the standard of DCI-P3, the colour gamut value reaches an astonishing 93%, providing richer colour performance. Colour expression is also more accurate and true.
  • KSF Lamp Beads: The TV adopts special lamp beads along with special KSF fluorescent red powder added in the backlight for brighter skin colour and more vivid character. At the same time, the colour gamut coverage is also improved, making SUE8000 more outstanding in terms of colour expression.
  • 30+ years Picture Quality Tuning: SKYWORTH has over 30 years of experience in picture quality tuning, and their engineers have developed seven tuning models to carry out comprehensive calibration to improve picture quality.

10 Exceptional Features of SUE8000 for Quality Home Entertainment

Apart from the unique QLED+ elements, SUE8000 also offers the advantage of 10 advanced features:

  1. Design

SUE8000’s Boundless Screen with Airy Dual-Blade Base is stunning and appealing, perfect for modern living rooms. The borderless screen sets off an extra classy appearance, serving as a decorative masterpiece for your living spaces while giving you a big-screen viewing experience.

  1. Portable

This TV comes with 2 USB ports and x3 HDMI ports (both 2.0 versions), 2GB ram with 16GB large memory to store your favourite apps, and a combination of 5+2.4Ghz dual WiFi connection for enhanced streaming.

  1. Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1

SUE8000 lets you project audio and visuals to external equipment for more entertainment. Enjoy a two-way Bluetooth connection, i.e., your mobile phone can be connected and play music through the TV as a soundbar, or connect up to five devices simultaneously, including a wireless keyboard, mouse, speaker, headset and more! Compared to Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 5.1 is faster, further and more stable.

  1. Supporting HDR10+, Dolby Vision & Atmos

HDR10+ gives you the flexibility to adjust and optimise each frame of the HDR video for a high-quality viewing experience. It’s also equipped with Dolby Vision, which offers ultra-vivid colours, sharper contrast and richer details, and Dolby Atmos for a surround sound experience.

  1. One Click Direct Access Remote Control/Google Assistant/Far-field Voice Control

Activate the voice control by pressing the remote control voice button and using the voice command to control your TV – for example, searching for your favourite movie. There are also hotkeys that take you directly to popular applications such as Youtube, Netflix and Prime Video. In addition, Far-field Voice Control frees your hands from TV controlling; just say “Hey Google” to get it started without using the remote control, and the TV will instantly respond to your instructions. Search for shows, get recommendations and even control TV with your voice. Easy to use and very convenient!

  1. Eye Care Features

Love bingeing your favourite shows for many hours? Prevent damage to your eyes with the Flicker-Free technology certified by TÜV Rheinland, a leading provider of technical services worldwide that performs verifications, inspections and certifications for all electrical products’ safety features.

  1. Health Platform

The addition of the Health Platform also ensures a healthier viewing experience. It has three modes: Night Mode, Eye Protection and Auto Volume Control.

  1. External Webcam for Learning & Meeting

Add a compatible webcam camera on SKYWORTH TV to make video calls, hold online meetings and study online through GoogleDuo.

  1. AIOT Smart Living Lifestyle

More than 5000 smart home appliances can be controlled via SKYWORTH Google TV to create a smarter and extraordinary lifestyle at home. Activate AIOT by connecting smart home appliances to SKYWORTH TV under the same WiFi connection through GoogleHome or SKYWORTH’s app SWAIOT.

  1. Seamless Daily Usage of SKYWORTH TV

Enjoy built-in Netflix entertainment, learn everything through Youtube videos and access more than 8000 apps and video games from Google Play Store. There’s so much you can do with a SKYWORTH TV!

Let’s see what Iko In loves about the SUE8000 QLED+ Google TV:

For more info about SKYWORTH products, visit Skyworth Malaysia Website (www.skyworth.com.my). Subscribe to Skyworth Malaysia Youtube Channel (Skyworth Malaysia) for tutorials on how to set up your SKYWORTH TV.

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