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Stylish Skylights Highlight this Beautiful Semi-D: Red Land Design

by creativehomex

Designed with a unique style, this bungalow interior by Red Land Design brings together elegant ideas into a cohesive whole. Trendy materials lead the way while home accessories put in a personalized yet eclectic touch.

In the living room, the space is kept clean and contemporary with a dark-coloured sofa and a pair of blue armchairs anchoring the space. To inject visual interest to the space, a colourful rug with hexagonal motifs draws in a vibrant theme, complementing the solid TV cabinet next to it.

There is also a larger and more formal living area enveloped by tall windows which bring in ample natural light and views of the lush landscaping outside. The furnishing is simple with only a two-seater sofa and a pair of classic-looking armchair surrounding a circular coffee table.

The decor gets more interesting as the home opens into a spacious room that comes complete with an elegant skylight and shiny black and white tiles. At the sitting area, a light grey sofa faces a glass door towards the mini garden. At another corner, a dining area with black upholstered chairs and bench seating basks under the skylight which offers blue sky vistas during a clear day.

“This room was originally an open outdoor area adjacent to the main house. We extended it into an additional space for the owners to relax in,” the designer says. “Initially the owners wanted a glass roof, but due to our hot weather we are concerned that it will get too warm during the day. Thus, we installed one part of the roof with glass skylight and the rest with roof tiles. We also used double glazing glass to reduce heat.”

Moving on to the master bedroom, the designers went for a sleek and minimalist look using grey textured wall finishing for the headboard wall, and soft curtains to offset the solid forms in the room. On the side of the bed, a blue armchair makes the perfect finishing touch to create a cosy effect in the room.

Outdoors, the hard and soft landscaping results in a wonderful outdoor space for the owners to stroll and relax in. Trees and foliage strategically planted at different corners are illuminated by lighting to conjure a serene ambience.

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