Home Summer Style: Here’s the Perfect Summer House, Complete with Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces

Summer Style: Here’s the Perfect Summer House, Complete with Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces


The designer’s distinct touch on the home begins even before you reach its living hall doors. Plush pastel shaded cushions and curtains at the cabana by the swimming pool provide an outdoor haven for relaxation. The tranquil ambience flows through the home via its soft muted colour scheme and clutter-free layout plan.

This residence’s living hall features a dark vertical wood-based panel decor and minimalist-style furniture. A coffee table catches the eye with its geometrical design concept. The rejuvenating glow of natural lighting is prominent, accentuating the comforts within.

The soft colour palette implemented in the living hall, dining space and kitchen conveys an easy-going, breezy vibe. The dining table, in particular, is a combination of wood and whitewashed concrete – creating the ideal setup to stimulate our appetites. Spotlights with equally elegant illumination, add to the natural atmosphere of the home.

A deeper shade of wooden cabinets and ceilings with matte finishes are applied to the additional rooms, further exuding a relaxing aura. One of the home’s highlight is a particular bedroom, which showcases a fauna imprint of the zebra stripes. The black and white motif blends in with the rest of the decor, radiating with the energy of a zebra galloping freely through savannahs. For a bedroom meant for children, pictures of cuddly animals like a dog, rabbit and beat adorn its walls, infusing the space with a cosy vibe.

This home’s pristine bathroom, which comes equipped with a sunroof and glass panels provides further natural illumination. Enjoy the rejuvenating rays of the sun as you indulge in a luxurious bath within the privacy and comfort of your home. The whitewashed cement slab that forms the foundation for the bathroom basins bestows this place with an additional layer of elegance.

The entertainment space is aglow with glossy, matte-finished ceiling and flooring. A sleek sofa, television and other furniture pieces complete this sanctuary of sophisticated fun. Two additional chairs, made of wood and plush seating materials complete the entire space. This is the ideal room for entertaining your guests as well as a chill-out spot to spend some “me” time.

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