Home ID Luxury Elements Enhance this 3,000 Sqft Home with an Upscale Vibe: Armarior

Luxury Elements Enhance this 3,000 Sqft Home with an Upscale Vibe: Armarior

by creativehomex

Glamourous details are integrated into this luxurious home to accentuate the plush ambience that is designed around a combination of wood, polished highlights and chic accessories.

In this home interior designed by Armarior Sdn. Bhd., the main intention is to create a highly functional abode that is luxurious and elegant at the same time. From the living area to the kitchen and bedrooms, each space leans subtly towards a sense of grandeur, yet remained grounded in a clean and contemporary palette.

Upon stepping into the foyer, a huge abstract painting with swaths of orange, purple and blue hues demand immediate attention, before leading the eyes to the living room. In the main living area, a calm and composed ambience is apparent. Dark marble with dramatic veins for the TV wall complemented by a light wood cabinet creates a stunning focal point which enhances the clean lines and plush textures of the sofa set and beige rug.

Designed as a cohesive composition, the wood-dominant dry kitchen, and the dining area next to it express a strong stylish impression that blends sophisticated materials with luxurious details. A long kitchen island with warm wood surface is offset by black solid countertop reminiscence of the black marble TV wall in the living room.

Beyond the kitchen island, the kitchen cabinetry that flanks the wall serves as a remarkable backdrop to the cookspace and dining hall. A dark polished table accompanied by ultra-cosy upholstered dining chairs set atop a lush carpet completes the setting with an upscale effect.

In the master bedroom, the designers maintained a neutral theme with soft glamorous nuances. The upholstered headboard wall is highlighted by a gold-coloured horizontal strip while creamy beiges in the form of curtains and carpeting complement the luxurious look.

In another bedroom, a feminine palette is employed while for the third bedroom, dark blue walls key in a relaxing vibe. As for the fourth bedroom, the designer gave it a toned-down ambience using different shades of warm grey.

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