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MTIB Special | The prized Temuan indigenous craftwork is given a new breath of life, thanks to Temuan Abo Craft


Living one with nature, the aboriginal tribes in Malaysia, commonly known as the Orang Asli, have been making numerous crafts and items, from clothing, household items to musical instruments using the raw materials found in the rainforest around them. For the Temuan indigenous tribe in Negeri Sembilan, they continue to practise this nature-oriented craftmaking tradition, both as a means of livelihood and also to preserve our local arts and crafts.

Leading the way is Temuan Abo Craft, an indigenous craft-making company specializing in producing craftware from forest resources and wood carvings made by the Temuan aborigines. “The name Temuan Abo Craft originated from the arts and crafts made by the Orang Asli Temuan in Negeri Sembilan,” says the founder, Encik Ahmad Yusof. “Apart from buying and selling craftworks, decorative accessories and memorabilia, our company also arranges chalet stays and organizes courses and motivational programs as part of our tour and travel services.”

Temuan Abo Craft’s products comprise craftware made from our rainforest resources including bamboo, cane and coconut husks. For instance, bamboo stems are made into homeware while bamboo roots and hardwood are turned into high quality furniture. The company also uses MDF board to make decorative accessories and homewares. These items are usually used at home, offices as well as hotels. “We take pride in our work, as all of our craft designs are original – you won’t find two of the same kind of products in the market as each of them carries their own unique features,” the company says.

In 2017, Temuan Abo Craft began to work together with the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) to grow their business, which resulted in a highly encouraging outcome.”MTIB helped to carry out our programs during the during their exhibition such as MF3 Wood & Lifestyle Exhibition, Wood & Lifestyle Exhibition, Export Furniture Exhibition (EFE) and Landscape Asia Expo & Conference so that we can introduce our products and market it to a wider and more global market,” says Temuan Abo Craft. “We have had a good experience working with them. From a technical point of view, MTIB has given us solid guidance on expanding our sales to the overseas market as well as helping us enhance the quality of our products using advanced technology and modern machinery.”

Looking into the future, Temuan Abo Craft has plans to create more product varieties with unique designs. “We are already planning to build chalets using bamboos. Additionally, we are improving our marketing strategies so that we can bring our products to countries around the globe.”

Helmi Naim Ahmad, Managing Director

A company that wholeheartedly dedicates itself to revive our local indigenous arts, Temuan Abo Craft ensures that each and every product that they offer are creative, unique and of high quality. This is also the same philosophy that they apply to their travel services.”Whether it’s our craftware or our tour and travel services, we always seek for ways to incorporate the beauty of our natural environment into them as a way to preserve our natural resources, local culture and Malaysian heritage.”

Kampung Orang Asli, Ulu Chembong,
71300 Rembau, Negeri Sembilan
T +6010 226 3037
E temuanabocraft@gmail.com
W www.temuanabocraft.blogspot.com
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