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5 Best Refrigerators in Malaysia to Buy for Your New Kitchen

by chxadmin

A refrigerator is one of the essential appliances to have at home, but how do you know which one is right for you?

When it comes to shopping for the right fridge, think about how you use your refrigerator. Do you store a lot of fresh food? Or do you have many items stuffed in your freezer? From the sleek exterior curves and well-thought-out interiors to the way the door handles work, Electrolux refrigerators are designed to meet different requirements. For starters, Electrolux has different refrigerator sizes for every need, all power-packed with innovative features so that keeping food fresher for longer becomes a truly convenient task. Check out these five to see which one fits you best.

1 Perfect Temperature: NutriFresh® Inverter French Door Fridge (EHE6879A-B)
The highlight of this model is its FlexFresh® drawer which offers the widest temperature range in the market that is suitable for all storage conditions; from -23°C to +7°C. With the UltraChill settings at -2°C, items are kept very cold, but not frozen so their textures are preserved for longer in chilled conditions and you do not have to worry about inconvenient defrosting.

2 Premium Performance: Side by Side Fridge (ESE5301AG-MY)
Together with its premium design and power of 360 Cooling, the Electrolux Side by Side refrigerator transforms your kitchen into a place to inspire and be inspired. Understated elegance – inspiration for new possibilities for great tasting meals with the freshest ingredients. 360 Cooling circulates air throughout the entire fridge, so each compartment and shelf is cooled evenly and at a consistent temperature. This means that you have the flexibility to store anywhere in the fridge with confidence.

3 Fresh-Proof: NutriFresh® Inverter Bottom Mount Fridge (EBE4500AA)
For those needing more space for storing fresh foods, the FreshShield Crisper in this model keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for seven days by maintaining ideal humidity conditions so you can always experiment with new recipes and create nutritious and balanced meals for your family. The FreshTaste Deodoriser also eliminates 99.8% of bacteria, ensuring your fridge stays fresh, hygienic and free from unwanted odour.

4 Stylish Storage: NutriFresh® Inverter Top Mount Multi Door Fridge (EME3500MG)
With the stability of the NutriFresh® Inverter, 360 Cooling maintains a consistent temperature by cooling each individual shelf. This multi-door model also gives you more storage space. For instance, the FlexStor® features flexible door bin storage allows you to easily accommodate large bottles, small jars and speciality bottles. The bins can be conveniently removed to carry frequently used groups of items to the cooktop.

5 Top Shelf: NutriFresh® Inverter Top Mount Fridge (ETB3200BG)
Like the other models, this one also offers NutriFresh® Inverter and 360 Cooling to ensure there’s consistent temperature throughout the fridge by cooling each individual shelf. Appearance-wise, a state of the art black glass design makes this fridge a centrepiece for your kitchen.

For more info, log on to https://www.electrolux.com.my/kitchen/refrigerators/

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