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MTIB Special | With the support of MTIB, Impressive Transforms Sdn. Bhd. ventures into the field of furniture manufacture

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Impressive Transforms Sdn. Bhd. (ITSB) is a thriving, locally owned company operating as a critical component of the timber industry since its establishment in the Bukit Rambai Industrial Estate of Melaka in 2014.

Since 2014, ITSB has been producing sawn planks in untreated and kiln-dried varieties for sale directly from their factory. While they have supplied dried wood to furniture manufacturers in the past, ITSB is now stepping up their involvement in the timber industry by offering furniture manufacturing services in Melaka.

ITSB has ambitions of becoming a competitive furniture provider in the future, while still being able to supply existing furniture manufacturers as one of the most sought-after sawmills in the country. In addition to their continuing mission of supplying dried timber in custom specifications to local furniture factories and manufacturers of DIY furniture products, ITSB is constantly on the lookout for export opportunities in regions such as East Asia and Europe.

Experienced in the field of timber harvesting and processing for over 13 years, ITSB can be considered to have been extensively involved in the local timber industry—from the early stages of cultivation to the supply of Malaysian rubberwood (Hevea brasiliensis). Starting with harvesting, selling timber, replanting, before moving on to sawn timber planks, finger joint boards, and whole pieces of furniture, ITSB rapidly expanded their scope of expertise wh le increasing the value of wood products further down the supply chain.

Having reached lofty milestones that prove a robust manufacturing capability, with a handling capacity of around 7,000 tonnes of freshly cut logs per month and a production capacity of around 2,400 tonnes of sawed planks per year, ITSB is one of the first companies that can claim a complete production cycle under one roof, starting from the harvesting of biomass and through to the final manufacture of furniture.

As with many other local entities involved in Malaysia’s furniture industry, ITSB is one of the companies which have been supported by the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) in terms of facilities, machinery and trainning – in a program designed to develop and increase production capacities. ITSB also takes part in technical missions and timber entrepreneur development programs in order to increase their market potential in the overseas market.

In an effort to generate commercial interest in local and international levels, the MTIB recently provided ITSB with the opportunity to participate in the Export Furniture Exhibition (EFE) which was held between 9th and 12th March this year (2018) at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Despite the competition of over 270 local and international brands participating in the exhibition, ITSB garnered a third place win for Best Booth Design. This recent accolade has boosted their homegrown image to the lofty heights of international recognition with interest in ITSB and their offerings coming from far-flung and exotic locations such as Mauritius, Palestine, and India.

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