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MTIB Special | Greenwood Composite’s range of composite products is an eco-friendly alternative to natural timber

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A sustainable alternative to natural timber, Greenwood Composite Sdn Bhd’s composite products not only maintain the visual and aesthetic qualities of timber but also features superior characteristics.

Elegant and beautiful, timber features add value and style to homes. While it is a wonderful material for spaces, natural timber is very expensive. Moreover, it is not a very eco-friendly option. Fortunately, Greenwood Composite, a timber composite company based in Klang Valley offers an ideal solution to this so that homeowners can continue to enjoy the beauty of timber in their homes without overspending and adding stress to our precious rainforests.

Incorporated in 2005, Greenwood Composite manufactures and supplies innovative timber composite products to design specialists and building contractors for projects throughout Malaysia. Their products include door panels, decking, stripwood flooring, wall panel, patio wood, furniture components and many others. With an attractive range of timber composite products made with the best materials and craftmanship, the company strives to promote the use of timber composite products as a sustainable alternative to natural timber.

According to Greenwood Composite, timber composite products look and feel like timber; but that’s not all, as it also offers many benefits that make it a better option than real timber. A weather-friendly material, timber composite is fire-retardant, anti-termite and water-resistant – this means homeowners can rest assured it is a sturdy and long lasting material that won’t rot in the long run.

Timber composite is also versatile and can be used in different ways. “Suited for indoor use, our panels can be used on ceilings and walls,” says the company. “It is pliable enough to form a curved design profile. We manufacture the panels so that each piece can fit seamlessly with the next piece. This cuts down on installation time.” Unlike natural timber which comes with prominent imperfections like knots, shakes and shakes, Greenwood Composite products are free from natural defects. Additionally, timber composite is toxic-free, environmental-friendly and recyclable. For example, GreenDeck, which is one of Greenwood Composite’s bestselling products, is made of wood saw dust and recycled resin. The manufacturing process do not generate chemical emissions, thus making it a safe material for both the users and the environment. It is also certified by TUV SUD PSB and Singapore Green Label as an eco-friendly material.

To date, Greenwood Composite has an impressive portfolio of projects throughout Malaysia that employ the use of timber composite. Moving forward, Greenwood Composite aims to create stronger awareness about the advantages of using timber composite as a building material. As part of their expansion strategy, Greenwood Composite works together with the Malaysian Timber Industry Board to promote their products to a wider audience through exhibitions.

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