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5 Best Washing Machines in Malaysia with the Smartest Features

by chxadmin

Washing machines have just got smarter recently, thanks to the advent of technology and brands that truly listen to what their customers need and would benefit from. Bosch washing machines come highly recommended – and we can see why. Whether it’s their top-loader, front-loader or washer-dryer, each model comes with very innovative features that precisely offers what modern homeowners would want: speedier washing process, energy-saving, simple-to-use functions and most importantly, ultra-clean clothes at a touch of button. Here are five from Bosch that are checking off all the right boxes.

1 No damage. Perfect wash and dry results: Serie | 6 Automatic washer dryer

With Bosch, integrated solutions are always a smart option, never a compromise: their washer dryers not only wash flawlessly clean, they also dry perfectly and quickly, all in one solid appliance. This makes them the ideal choice for all those who value high performance and efficiency but lack space. This model is powered by VarioPerfect™ which features high performance programmes, allowing you to clean your laundry with 20% less energy or reduce cleaning time by 65%

2 Powerful washing results without damaging clothes: Serie | 4 Bosch PowerWave Pro Top-Loading Washer

Cleaner clothing is just at your fingertips. Featuring PowerWave Pro, a combination of the innovatively designed impleller and the dynamic waterfall system, this model ensures laundry is thoroughly cleaned with both up/down and circulating movements delivering the best wash results without compromising care for clothes. SpeedPerfect also reduces the wash cycle time by up to 20% without compromising on wash quality. Just one touch of its digital controls and you can automatically select the optimal programme and settings for your laundry load.

3 Intelligent, precise washing through innovative design: Serie | 8 iDos Front Load Washer

Experience eco-friendly washing with the Serie |8 iDos washing machine Bosch’s intelligent automatic dosing system to save you water and detergent. The i-Dos™ offers perfect wash results with minimal consumption and maximum convenience while EcoSilence Drive™ ensures extremely energy-efficient and quiet washing. Rated with energy efficiency class A+++, this model is 30% more efficient than conventional washing machines with similar functions.

4 Bye-bye bacteria, hello cleanliness: Serie | 8 ActiveOxygen Front Load Washer

If you want even superbly clean clothing, this model is for you. The ActiveOxygen function in this front load washer keeps your loved ones safe by removing 99.99% of bacteria and germs, even at low washing temperatures. ActiveOxygen is also certified by wfk (the Cleaning Technology Research Institute), an organisation that carries out research in the field of cleaning technology. This model also features the high performing VarioPerfect™ as well as the energy-efficient EcoSilence Drive™.

5 Peace and quiet with the right amount of water: Serie | 6 EcoSilence Drive Front Load Washer

You no longer need to figure out if you are using too much or too little water in your washing machine. This model comes with ActiveWater™ Plus, a pressure and water sensor that measures the washing load and adjusts water intake to 256 precise levels for more cost and water savings. There are also Anti-Vibration side panels to reduce vibrations and ensure greater stability during the washing and spinning process. Also includes Bosch’s highly coveted EcoSilence Drive™ and VarioPerfect™ functions.

For more info, log on to www.bosch-home.com.my/products/washers-dryers

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