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Impressive Studies: Inspirational Designs for Home Offices

by chxadmin

Some of us bring our work home with us — but without a proper desk to work on, all those files and documents will seem out of place on the dining table. For those in need of some inspiration for a home office, we assembled some of the finest studies we have seen here for your perusal.

A study doesn’t necessarily require a significant investment in furniture but with some additional space afforded for a sliding partition, a quiet place of work can be guaranteed. Interior design by: Design Base


Doubling up on spaces is a valid approach to take when faced with a shortage of space. As pictured here, a viable solution is to combine the study with a generous walk-in wardrobe for intimacy. Interior design by: Jashen Interior


The epitome of home offices, the kind all aspiring executives pine for, is pictured here. Encased in glass and saturated in white, this box simultaneously provides an overwatch position and solitude. Interior design by: Regal Violet


While being relegated to the corner of this bedroom, the wash of violet light marks out the larger area as belonging to the study. Interior design by: Design Base


Faced with a shortage of space in this bedroom, the study is instead made to project from the centre of the space, with a stand of shelves providing a form of containment for the bed. Interior design by: Design Base


With an entire room to dedicate, this study is decorated with a certain degree of freedom that is uncommon for these normally compact spaces. Interior design by: A Piece of Art


This pictured study occupies a surprisingly small footprint on a staircase landing, turning a potentially unused space into a functioning workspace. Interior design by: Nu Infinity


Just as with regular work, schoolwork tends to overflow into time spent at home, which necessitates a desk to work on. In this shared bedroom, the workspace is squeezed into a sunlit space beneath a bunk. Interior design by: GDY Design & Construction


This pictured study demonstrates the ultimate space-saving design for work surfaces, with a minimalist and monochromatic surface unfolded from a wall of cabinets. Interior design by: Sunpizz Kitchen & Home


There’s a certain comfort to be had in sleeping between partitions, and this study serves to provide a work surface as well as sheltering the bed in a safe berth. Interior design by: Sky Creation


Monochrome is used here to disguise the presence of a desk in and among the formation of bookshelves lining the wall. Interior design by: Nice-Style Refurbishment


Another variation of shared spaces could see a secondary lounge turned into part of a study, as pictured here. Interior design by: Jashen Interior


Outside of individual rooms, there often is a hallway or a stairway landing that can provide sufficient space for a fully equipped study. Interior design by: Casa Indah Design


In compact bedrooms, the study surface often projects from the wall to be counted as an extension of bedside surfaces. Interior design by: Design Base


In this child’s bedroom, the study berth projects from the wall in monochromatic fashion to serve double duty as a decorative feature. Interior design by: Casa Indah Design

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