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Mood Boards: Inspirations from Intermediate Spaces

by chxadmin

Despite having significant effects on the overall message of a home, intermediate spaces such as foyers, stairwells, and staircase landings don’t quite get the attention they deserve. This time around, we take a closer look at these sometimes forgotten spaces and arrived at this collection of delectable imagery to inspire you and influence the creation of your own mood-board.

Even before stepping into this home, the naive observer is informed of the decor to follow — this Zen courtyard sets the expectation for an Oriental theme saturated in monochrome and natural stone. Interior design by: Moonlit Inspiration

Tradition requires a dramatic presentation right at the threshold of the home — a spiritual altar, a presentation of achievements, or a matching pair of ornate armchairs for the matriarch and patriarch of a large household. Interior design by: Regal Violet

This modern entrance puts ebonised wood against natural stone, while blending a spiritual message with a physical allegory for walking on water. Interior design by: X-Dimension

The modern equivalent to the altar is a purely thematic and decorative feature that seeks to impress rather than inform. Interior design by: Mode Interior Style

This entryway is set apart from the rest of the home’s decor with a floor composed of river pebbles and raw cement slabs contrasted against the monochromatic and modern background. Interior design by: Design Spirits

A sunny disposition is presented in this foyer with intriguingly patterned light boxes overhead and a splash of yellow drawing focus to the lone armchair  Interior design by: ST Concepts

Traditional motifs from the Eastern and Western hemispheres converge in an eclectic expression of opulence in the foyer of this home. Interior design by: Regal Violet

Seamless expanses of marbled stone, stretches of reflective metal, floral elements, and hidden light sources come together to illuminate and enliven a dark alcove of this home. Interior design by: DMZ Consultancy

Straying away from the convention of dramatic presentations at the entrance, this home presents a simplistic shelving unit to simultaneously hold decorations and Interior design by: Nice-Style Refurbishment

A variation of the projecting shelf arises from the centre of this home’s open layout, echoing the same quality of cream stone and streaked wood laminate presented in the background. Interior design by: Space Matrix

The designer’s signature blend of industrial and rustic vibes in monochrome is augmented with sunlight streaming in via the indoor courtyard. Interior design by: Nu Infinity

The monochromatic passage into this home is rendered vaguely tropical with inviting splashes of tropical motifs and bold colours thrown into the far end of the hall. Interior design by: ID Industries

This monochromatic foyer is rendered welcoming with the additions of a floral presentation and a trio of art panels. Interior design by: Jashen Interior

A customisable black wall represents a rarely seen departure from convention in the foyers of modern homes. Interior design by: Surface R

Narrow entryways are best served with floor-to-ceiling stretches of reflective panels to at once widen the perceived space and give beguiling views of whatever lies around the corner. Interior design by: SQFT Space Design Management

Designs do not need to be ornate when working with opulent materials such as marbled stone and reflective metals. Interior design by: S/Lab 10

Using a limited set of materials does not necessarily entail fewer options. As demonstrated here, even modern cuts of homogenous wood can be differentiated to express geometric plays of light and shadow. Interior design by: Turn Design Interior

A simplistic interplay between the white plaster ceiling and pieces of darkly stained wood is brought to intriguing heights with the haphazard composition and a sprinkling of yellow lights. Interior design by: Nice-Style Refurbishment

Geometric presentations of light and shadow are perhaps the most unobtrusive embellishments for modern spaces replete with marbled stone and reflective metals. Interior design by: Q1 Interior

The beginning of this stairway is marked by an array of disparate textures and lines in the shades of the neutral palette — held in a delicate balance around the potted plant’s striking splash of green. Interior design by: Q1 Interior

This stairway presents the darker side of the neutral palette, embellished with sources of pristine white light that sparkle like faceted jewels. Interior design by: Q1 Interior

Even the simplest blend of materials can benefit from a generous supply of natural light, which is augmented here with plain walls and wood flooring. Interior design by: Design Base

Keeping this staircase landing plain in terms of colors and embellishments diverts attentions to fall on the chandelier and the impressive view through the double-height windows. Interior design by: Nice-Style Refurbishment

The epitome of contemporary luxury is painted in a strictly monochromatic palette on this staircase landing, with differing textures and contours providing points of interest for the eye to linger on. Interior design by: Regal Violet

On the other extreme of the scale, a stairway can be turned into a decorative feature on its own — as demonstrated with this collage of monochromatic and reflective panels. Interior design by: Deep White

A modern and monochromatic decor embellished with wood inexplicably becomes a suitably subtle background for Asiatic decorations. Interior design by: SQFT Space Design Management

The challenge of working with a limited set of materials is overcome with some variation in decorative motifs expressed in these homogenous materials. Interior design by: Archint

The uncomplicated composition of this stairwell diverts attention to the intricate crown moulding and picture frames. Interior design by: DesignPreneur

Illumination serves a critical role in this narrow corridor of modern design — the streams and orbs of stark light embellish this relatively plain space with additional folds of intrigue. Interior design by: Design Spirits

The view from the entrance of this bedroom presents an opulent scene composed from a warming array of wood and yellow light set against a background of stone. Interior design by: IA Interior Design

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