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Top 30 Bedroom Interior Design Ideas in Malaysia

by chxadmin

Inspiration is fleeting, which is why we packed a hefty dose of imagery featuring 30 delectable bedrooms to inspire. For this particular dose of inspiration, we took a look at some of the most memorable sleeping quarters we have encountered in order to distill the characteristics that make for visually striking and soul-warming bedrooms.

This bedroom is coloured in the palette of our time and features a practical combination of entertainment centre and work station. Interior design by: Turn Design

A black bedstead and a monolithic formation of darkly stained wood make this bedroom distinctly masculine. Interior design by: Sky Creation

Space for a walk-in wardrobe is carved out by way of glass curtain walls, enveloping the bedstead in a translucent scheathe of modern design. Interior design by: JCS Design Project

The bedroom is made an alluring distraction from the home office with a thickly tufted carpet and an abundance of plush fabrics decorating the walls. Interior design by: Surface R

With this bed platform boldly thrust against the sliding balcony doors, the dark wood and reflective metal accents are unified by a generous supply of sunlight. Interior design by: Nu Infinity

A splash of bold colour and an array of differing textures provide this neutral coloured bedroom with multiple points of attention. Interior design by: IA Interior Design

A palette largely consisting of wood tones is complemented in classical fashion with accents in white and gold. Interior design by: ST Concepts

An array of stark, modern lines is simultaneously softened by the reliance on neutral shades and defined with a tentative homage to monochrome. Interior design by: Nu Infinity

Another example of bold shades used to divert attention is demonstrated in this neutral coloured bedroom. Interior design by: Design Integra

The sharp lines of modern convention serve as a suitably subtle background for an array of classical details such as the faint Chevron lines mimicking the veins of autumn leaves on the feature wall. Interior design by: SQFT Space Design Management

A generous panel of stone and a long stretch of capitonné upholstery elevate this neutral coloured space to luxurious heights. Interior design by: Homlux Interior Furnishing

A frame of modern lines and a largely monochromatic palette sets the stage for attention to fall on the intriguing bedstead. Interior design by: FIX Design Solutions

This enigmatic bedroom demonstrates a rare blend of tropical materials, modern lines, and shimmering accents. Interior design by: Latitude Design

This compact bedroom is rendered spacious with a reliance on the neutral palette and sharp lines of modern design. Interior design by: Mode Interior Style

The ambience of a log cabin is injected into this modern bedroom with an envelope of wood grains.  Interior design by: Mode Interior Style

With only a limited set of shades and textures, the bed platform and feature wall are presented as the primary points of focus in this space. Interior design by: Architrio

A variation of the previous bedroom is constructed with a smoother variety of textures for differentiation and a similar set of neutral shades for unification. Interior design by: Architrio

The allure of simplicity is demonstrated with this bedroom’s array of uncomplicated lines and subtle textures. Interior design by: Surface R

An homage to chaos is formed with the combined effects of the carpet’s waves, the haphazard dots on the bedspread, and a colourised bird’s-eye view of an iconic New York city street. Interior design by: GDY Design & Construction

The colour turquoise immediately evokes imagery of cloudless skies in the countryside, and when paired with glistening metal accents, the result is a uniquely luxurious yet provincial décor. Interior design by: Metrics Global

The use of turquoise in this bedroom’s accents serves to soften the cold and hard lines of marbled stone panels in the background.  Interior design by: GDY Design & Construction

When blended with a generous sprinkling of white accents and wood flooring, the use of turquoise speaks of spacious natural expanses. Interior design by: Homlux Interior Furnishing

Geometric motifs serve to embellish neutral spaces without detracting from the deliberate simplicity of the décor. Interior design by: PDI Design

If the simplicity is of lower priority than impressive decoration, a stretch of Damask wall-covering will serve to draw attentions – especially within a frame of simplistic and modern lines. Interior design by: Q1 Interior Concept

Straight lines make an ideal backdrop for classical accents but the inverse appears to be just as true – as demonstrated with the wooden parquet flooring laid in a repeating herringbone pattern that serves as a background for this bedroom’s array of modern lines. Interior design by: IA Interior Design

As demonstrated in this bedroom, even a monochromatic décor can be made luxurious with differing textures, classical accompaniments, and linear motifs. Interior design by: Casa Indah Design

The all-white background of this bedroom lies at the extreme end of simplicity, but the introduction of silky grey fabrics and metallic accents paradoxically draws the space into the realm of the luxurious. Interior design by: Regal Violet

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