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Meaningful Design Ideas to Keep CNY Festivities and Traditions Alive

by creativehomex

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is one of the most important celebrations in Malaysia. It is the festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. Other than serving as a prime opportunity and occasion for generations of families to travel back home to visit, reunite and feast with family members, it is also a time where families bolster traditions, heritage and family values through customs that have been passed down for generations. From reunion dinners, and adorning your home with festive decorations to tea ceremonies, here are some design ideas to keep the festivities and traditions alive at home with the latest Dekton Kraftizen Collection from Cosentino.

Feast on the delicious multi-generational reunion meal worry-free

Dining table designed with Nacre from the Dekton Kraftizen Collection

One of the most common traditions during Chinese New Year is for families and friends to gather and have reunion dinners typically held on the eve. The table would be filled with loads of auspicious foods like steamboat dishes intended to shower wealth, luck and success on the family. Many families still continue the tradition of tossing Yusheng (also known as Lo Hei) while exclaiming prosperous wishes, where it is believed that the higher the salad is tossed, the more abundance and auspiciousness you bring to your life and those around you. Don’t be surprised when the table gets pretty messy during this celebration, so it is crucial to have a good countertop that can withstand the stains, abrasion and impact, and one good option to consider is the Dekton Kraftizen Collection.

With versatile colours like Kraftizen Nacre and Kraftizen Argentium, you can simply add a festive touch to your dining table with prosperous colours like red and gold decor in the form of napkins, flowers or a table runner. Moreover, using the best tableware adds to the sense of occasion, fine bone china plates and sparkling glassware can set the scene and impress family and friends for the joyous celebration.

Honour your elders by serving them Chinese New Year tea offerings

(L-R) Moodboard and Kitchen designed with Albarium from the Dekton Kraftizen Collection 

For centuries, tea has played a central role in cultures across Southeast Asia, where different countries possess their own unique tea culture, from various rituals for preparing, presenting and consuming it. During Lunar New Year, tea ceremonies are widely practised with family and friends to symbolize connection or to offer respect and gratitude. Traditionally, it begins on the first morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year, when younger family members serve their older relatives a blend of sweet tea in a proper manner and offer new year’s well wishes, and some Chinese families today still continue a long-standing tea ceremony tradition. To keep the auspicious tradition alive, families can opt to invest in a stain-resistant countertop from the Dekton Kraftizen Collection with colours such as Kraftizen Albarium, a peaceful, powdery white that refers directly to the primary element of this colour: marble dust, where you would not have to worry about accidentally staining your countertop if you spill the tea.

Dumpling-making at its finest when you have the right kitchen countertop

Kitchen designed with Umber from the Dekton Kraftizen Collection

Dumplings are one of the most essential staples of the traditional Chinese New Year Eve feast that symbolises wealth as they are shaped like the ancient silver & gold ingots. Usually, families will gather around the kitchen to wrap dumplings together in the afternoon to prepare for the feast in the evening. From kneading the dough for the wrappers to preparing the filling, there are a lot of necessary preparations that require a durable and functional countertop that can withstand any accidental abrasions or impact. An option that families can consider is the Dekton Kraftizen collection that possesses all those properties to have a stress-free cooking session during the festivities. Furthermore, colours like Kraftizen Umber from the collection is a timeless, rebellious colour with its own personality and a special charisma that can be adapted for any occasion throughout the year.

With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, it is crucial to make sure your home is well prepared to host your family and friends, to find out more about Dekton® Kraftizen Collection, visit: https://www.cosentino.com/en-my/dekton/kraftizen/

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