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Top 35 Dining Room Interior Design Ideas in Malaysia (2023)

by chxadmin

You may have already selected your dining table and found a space for it – but without some inspiration to work with, it is just another place to sit down and eat. We realise that decorative styles and material options are mind-numbingly numerous, so we assembled the following line-up of 30 dining spaces to get you started.

The ten-seater solid dining table is beautifully complemented by futuristic pendant lamps. A large round mirror completes the look while adding a touch of spaciousne. Design: Nu Infinity

Bright and welcoming, the addition of a custom-made wall shelf punctuates the sleek space with a practical yet stylish appeal. Design: SQFT Space Design Management

The designer kept it classic and modern by using a simple tabletop. The chandelier above the table infuses a nuance of dazzling class to the room. Design: Gusto Design

White marble is used to great effect to create an enchanting dining room ambience while breaking the monotony of the warm wood surfaces next to it. Design: Rekaphosis

Deep and dark, this is a daring dining room design concept, to but one that works – thanks to the unique wood slab table and sparkling chandelier. Design: Dare Solution

This square table is apparently made for the space it occupies – its size leaves adequate space for diners to take their positions, while the opaque glass top extends the monochromatic theme and the metallic frame adds to reflective sheen of the décor. Interior design by: FIX Design Solutions

A wall of cementitious panels stands as an intriguing backdrop for the monochromatic dining space, with a contemporary take on Louis Poulsen’s Artichoke hanging over a circular dining table. Interior design by: Design Spirits

A café-style table provides an adequate dining platform in this compact space, while the monochromatic arrangement extends the decorative theme of the open layout. Interior design by: Jashen Interior Design

Composed of an all-white background and accented with black lines, the monochromatic décor is tied together with the use of grey upholstery around the dining table. Interior design by: Homlux Interior Furnishing

This neutral coloured space is afforded with a layer of luxury by way of a generous stretch of reflective panels on the wall and metallic lighting fixtures hanging over the dining surface. Interior design by: Nine Plus Design

So as not to detract from the splendour of the all-white and classically inspired décor, the dining chairs feature capitonné upholstery in grey. Interior design by: Alvinterior Concept

Another example of unimposing grey upholstery being used to divert attention to shimmering accents is presented in this classically inspired dining room. Interior design by: Spazzio Design

A presentation of wood and light is all that is needed to elevate this simplistic and monochromatic environment. Interior design by: Green Apple Gallery

Constructed from slender metallic frames of modern design, this dining arrangement unobtrusively occupies the smallest possible footprint in this compact space. Interior design by: Casa Indah Design

The selection of an opaque glass dining surface serves to draw attention to the arrangement in the neutral coloured environment. Interior design by: Latitude Design

A generous stretch of reflective panels frame the generous dining space and bring attention to the intriguing textures of the table surface. Interior design by: ST Concepts

This dining arrangement is rendered to match the surrounding décor in order to provide a measure of subtle luxury and preserve the perceived size of the space. Interior design by: Nice-Style Refurbishment

While this dining space presents a largely white arrangement to complement the surroundings, the wide stretch of reflective wall panelling serves to accentuate and bring attention to the furnishings. Interior design by: Grid Design

The use of lighting fixtures with hanging and exposed bulbs brings attention to a wooden dining arrangement that would otherwise fade into the similarly coloured background. Interior design by: Yong Studio

Complementing the thematic divide between modern lines and wooden surfaces, these wood furnishings stand in stark contrast against the pale background. Interior design by: Homlux Interior Furnishing

A similar exercise in thematic juxtaposition is demonstrated in the arrangement of wooden chairs in this classically inspired space. Interior design by: Regal Violet

A generous provision of space accentuates the striking display of crystalline beads cascading from the ceiling above the glass dining surface. Interior design by: Q1 Interior Concept

A statement of opulence is crafted with a blend of metallic light fixtures, a marbled dining surface, and velvet capitonné upholstery. Interior design by: Surface R

A simplistic square dining surface subtly diverts attention to the intricate details on the ceiling and wainscoting on the walls. Interior design by: S/Lab 10

A single slab of tree trunk acts as this home’s dining surface, putting the natural swirls of wood grains front and centre in this neutral coloured home. Interior design by: DMZ Consultancy

This marbled dining surface presents two contrasting varieties of stone to depict a table embellished with runner. Interior design by: Latitude Design

This square dining surface is perfectly sized to suit the space, and the injection of wood grains reinforces the tropical décor. Interior design by: ID Industries

The suitably lightweight dining arrangement allows attention to fall to the intriguing decorative wall. Interior design by: ST Concepts

The selection of dark pieces of furniture for the dining arrangement extends the masculine decor. Interior design by: Turn Design Interior

A striking contrast of white against black is formed with an unassuming surface tucked into an alcove under the stairs. Interior design by: Nu Infinity

The transparent dining surface enables the reflective sheen of the seating furniture to stand out. Interior design by: Zids Design

A dark dining arrangement stands in stark contrast against the pale surroundings of this home. Interior design by: Stylecraft Design

This dining arrangement disguises itself as a projection of the bar while keeping to tune of the monochromatic décor. Interior design by: JCS Design Project

A collection of Eames seat shells in black surrounds the glass surface and extends the dark decor to envelop the dining arrangement. Interior design by: The Roof Studio

A picnic table of aged wood and cast iron frames creates a striking contrast against the unusually dusky décor. Interior design by: X-Two Concept

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