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CH Events | Niro Ceramic Group Launches Exclusive Creative Lab Showroom

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On 20 December 2018, Niro Ceramic Group held the Grand Opening of its exclusive Creative Lab showroom at Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur. The showroom is the fourth showroom which features new innovative retail format of selling tiles.

The showroom aims to cater to upscale market in the vibrant and established Bangsar neighbourhood, providing easy access for tile shopping to customers in this area. Creative Lab is designed in the most efficient manner, well organised and easy for customers to select and make their choices. One of its features is the ‘Top Picks’ wall that displays the best sellers with different colour tones, sizes and surfaces that supports home owners to narrow down their selection and choices.

There will also be well trained Designers to use a state-of-the art design software as a tool and work closely with home owners to develop a 3D design that meets every aspect of the requirements including functionality, appeal and style as well as the home owners’ financial considerations. This “work together concept” also facilitates home owners’ participation so that the final outcomes are really something of their own choice and desire.

Upon the tile selection by home owners, Creative Lab Designers will incorporate images of the selected tile into the software and the 3D design can be created almost instantly. This 3D design is of high quality and would enable home owners to visualize their home with the tiles and sanitary wares that they have selected. Before making their final purchase decision, home owners can refer to the actual samples that are available in Creative Lab showroom. These all can be done within a shorter period of time which eliminates the long waiting time faced by home owners. Ultimately, Creative Lab will bring tile shopping experience to the next level, enabling home owners to enjoy tile shopping in a hassle-free way.

“Niro Ceramic Group is excited to launch a new retail experience in an upscale shopping mall. We want customers to be able to bring home their ideas and we are looking forward to having more Creative Lab showrooms in the future”, says Mr. Bong Kuan Shin, Managing Director of Niro Ceramic Group.

For more information, please visit www.nirogranite.com.

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